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A noted South Shore cranberry grower, Kenneth Greenwood Garside was graduate of Harvard (Chemistry, 1927) and MIT (MS, Gas and Chemical Engineering, 1929). After working for several years in the electric industry, he relocated to Duxbury, Mass., in 1937 to taking over operations of 406 acres of cranberry bog. Over the next twenty-five years as a grower, Garside served as Director of the New England Cranberry Sales Co. and as a board member of the National Cranberry Association, and after dissolving his partnership in the Duxbury Cranberry Company in 1956, he served as acting General Manager of Ocean Spray during the aminotriazole crisis of 1959-1960. Following his retirement from the bogs, Garside taught science in schools in Florida and Maine. He died at Blue Hill, Maine, in 1987.

The Garside Papers contain nearly forty years of letters between the Massachusetts cranberry grower Kenneth G. Garside and his daughter Anne G. Cann. Rich and well-written, these letters reflect Garside's work and touch on his many interests, from cranberry culture to politics, family, and education. The collection also contains fascinating material on the operation of Garside's Duxbury Cranberry Co. between 1937 and 1956.

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Background on Kenneth G. Garside

An image of: Kenneth G. Garside, Duxbury, Mass., 1957

Kenneth G. Garside, Duxbury, Mass., 1957

Born in Holyoke, Mass., on Feb. 2, 1905, Kenneth Greenwood Garside was the son of an Overseer of the Lyman Mills, Lewin Garside, and his wife Mary. After a brief period in Medford, Mass., Garside and his family relocated to Taunton in 1917, when Lewin took a position in the Packing Department of Whittenden Manufacturing Co.

A top student, Garside graduated cum laude from Taunton High School in 1923 and won scholarship support to study chemistry at Harvard with the class of 1927. After taking a master's degree in gas and chemical engineering from MIT in 1929, he accepted an offer of employment with Central Hudson Gas and Electric Co., and shortly after moving to Poughkeepsie to begin work, he was reintroduced to a Vassar College student originally from New Bedford, Mass. He and Alice Blake Hawes were married in August 1930 and began to raise two daughters at their home in Kingston: Anne (b. 1932) and Elizabeth (b. 1934). A third daughter, Caroline, followed in 1939.

Sensing limited prospects for advancement within the utility company, Garside and his wife decided on a dramatic change in their life's direction, moving to Duxbury, Mass., in May 1937 to take charge of The Cape Cod Consolidated Cranberry Company (5C bog), also known as South River Bog, which had been operated by Alice's family. At the time they assumed control and changed the name the Duxbury Cranberry Company, the Garsides' operations covered 406 acres, 110 of which were crop-bearing, and included a well-built screenhouse, though with the lingering effects of the Depression, prospects for success were not guaranteed. With no background in agriculture, and no training, Garside was forced to rely on the advice of other growers and a trove of publications from the USDA and the Massachusetts Cooperative Extension Service to learn the ropes. He became an active, hands-on grower, involved in the day to day work on the bogs, and after some lean years, he became a respected figure in the industry. During the late 1940s and early 1950s, Garside served as director of the New England Cranberry Sales Co., a director and board member of the National Cranberry Association, and Secretary/Treasurer of the Cranberry Credit Corporation.

When the Garsides' marriage ended in divorce in 1956, the partnership of the Duxbury Cranberry Company ended too. Ken Garside left growing for other work in the industry, including serving as the Acting General Manager of Ocean Spray. His time in office coincided with the "cranberry scare" of 1959, when fears that the crop had been contaminated by the herbicide aminotriazole caused the market for berries to collapse just prior to the peak season.

Remarrying in 1956 to Barbara Vaughn Woodward, Garside left the cranberry industry in the early 1960s and worked as a teach in physics and chemistry at St. Andrews School in Boca Raton, Fla. (1963-1968) and science teacher at the Hebron Academy, in Hebron, Maine (1969). In retirement, he spent time in both Florida and Maine. Ken Garside died in Blue Hill, Maine, in 1987, having his ashes scattered in the sea nearby.

Scope of collection

The Garside Papers document the life and work of the proprietor of the Duxbury Cranberry Company, Kenneth G. Garside in Duxbury, Mass., a science teacher, and a devoted family man, During the years that Ken Garside traveled or lived separately from his family, he maintained a regular correspondence, writing monthly, and often more frequently, about whatever topics consumed his interests at the tim, from cranberry growing to national and international politics, and

Series descriptions

Largely correspondence of Kenneth G. Garside with his daughter Anne (Cann).

As owner of the Duxbury Cranberry Company and a leader in the Ocean Spray Cooperative, Garside had a long interest in the cranberry industry. Series 2 includes


Series 1. Correspondence and personal
Box 1: 1
Correspondence: Kenneth G. Garside
Box 1: 2
Correspondence: Kenneth G. Garside
Box 1: 3
Correspondence: Kenneth G. Garside
Box 1: 4
Correspondence: Kenneth G. Garside
Box 1: 5
Correspondence: Kenneth G. Garside
Box 1: 6
Correspondence: Kenneth G. Garside
Box 1: 7
Correspondence: Kenneth G. Garside
Box 1: 8
Correspondence: Kenneth G. Garside
Box 1: 9
Correspondence: Kenneth G. Garside
Box 1: 10
Correspondence: Kenneth G. Garside
Box 1: 11
Correspondence: Kenneth G. Garside
Box 1: 12
Memorial service
Box 1: 13
Series 2. Cranberries
Cann, Anne G. and Elizabeth Goeselt, Reminiscences of twenty-five years around cranberry bogs, Duxbury, Massachusetts, 1937-1962
Box 2: 1
Cape Cod Cranberry Growers' Association: Crimson Harvest
1 videocassette (34 min.) : sound, color ; 1/2 in.
Box 5
Cranberries: miscellaneous articles
Box 2: 2
Cranberry bogs
16 mm. film
Box 5
Cranberry Festival (Hanson and Edaville, Mass.): facts and figures
Box 2: 3
Cranberry weed control chart (University of Massachusetts Cooperative Extension Service)
Box 2: 7
Cranberry World, vol. 2, 7
Box 2: 8
Duxbury Cranberry Company: administrative
Box 1: 15
Duxbury Cranberry Company: certificate of class B membership in the American Cranberry Exchange
Box 2: 9
Duxbury Cranberry Company: deeds and property
Box 1: 16
Duxbury Cranberry Company: Field book and work log
Box 2: 10
Duxbury Cranberry Company: Field book and work log
Box 2: 11
Duxbury Cranberry Company: Field book and work log
Box 2: 12
Duxbury Cranberry Company: Field book and work log
Box 2: 13
Duxbury Cranberry Company: Field book and work log
Box 2: 14
Duxbury Cranberry Company: Field book and work log
Box 2: 15
Duxbury Cranberry Company: finances and taxes
Box 1: 17
Duxbury Cranberry Company: Financial ledger
Box 4
Duxbury Cranberry Company: plat maps and surveys of bogs
Box 1: 18
Insect and disease control chart -- cranberries (University of Massachusetts Cooperative Extension Service)
Box 2: 16
Jesse, Edward V. and Richard T. Rogers, The cranberry industry and Ocean Spray Cooperative
Box 2: 17
Box 3: 1
New England Cranberry Sales Co. Almanac
Box 3: 2
Ocean Spray Story
Box 3: 3
Ocean Spray takes on a new look
Box 3: 4
Pamphlets on cranberry growing
Cranberries: first fruit of America
Box 3: 5
Bain, H. F. ; H. F. Bergman; and R.B. Wilcox: "Harvesting and handling cultivated cranberries," USDA Farmers Bulletin no. 1882
Box 3: 6
Cross, Chester E.: "Weeds of the Massachusetts cranberry bogs," UMass Amherst Agricultural Experiment Station Bulletin 463
1952 Apr.
Box 3: 7
Fellers, Carl R., and W. B. Esselen: "Cranberries and cranberry products," UMass Amherst Agricultural Experiment Station Bulletin 481
Box 3: 8
Franklin, Henry, J.: "Cranberry growing in Massachusetts," UMass Amherst Agricultural Experiment Station Bulletin 371
1940 June
Box 3: 9
Franklin, Henry, J.: "Cranberry insects in Massachusetts," UMass Amherst Agricultural Experiment Station Bulletin 445 (2 vols.)
Box 3: 10
Franklin, Henry J. ; H. F. Bergman, and Neil E. Stevens: "Weather in cranberry culture," UMass Amherst Agricultural Experiment Station Bulletin 402
Box 3: 11
Franklin, Henry J. and Neil E. Stevens: "Weather and water as factors in cranberry production," UMass Amherst Agricultural Experiment Station Bulletin 433
1946 June
Box 3: 12
Stevens, C. D.; W. E. Piper; H. J. Franklin; and F. B. Chandler: "The cranberry industry in Massachusetts," Massachusetts Department of Agriculture Bulletin 139
1948 June
Box 3: 13
Tomlinson, Bertram: "The fight against false blossom disease," University of Massachusetts Amherst Cooperative Extension Service Special Circular 132
Box 3: 14
Wilcox, R. B. and H. E. Bergman: "Control of cranberry fruit rots by spraying," U.S. Department of Agricultural Circular 723
1945 Feb.
Box 3: 15
Series 3. Photographs
Duxberry Cranberry Company Photographs
Color slides
Box : 1
Box : 2
Box : 3
Box : 4
Garside family photographs
Garside, Alice H.
Box 3: 16
Garside, Kenneth G.: Taunton High School graduation portrait
Box 3: 17
Garside, Kenneth G.: Harvard University graduation portrait
Box 3: 18
Garside, Kenneth G.
Box 3: 19
Garside, Kenneth G.
Box 3: 20
Motion pictures
Garside, Kenneth G. and Harry Grafton:
Box :

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