Miscellaneous Manuscripts

6 boxes (5 linear ft.)
Call no.: MS 719
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Miscellaneous Manuscripts is an artificial collection that brings together various single items or small groups of related materials. A wide range of topics and formats is represented, although there is an emphasis on Massachusetts history.

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An image of: Whaling ship (New Bedford, Mass.)

Whaling ship (New Bedford, Mass.)

SCUA regularly receives individual manuscripts and small groupings of materials that are historically valuable, but which do not stand on their own as collections. For administrative purposes, most of these are aggregated into an artificial grouping, the Miscellaneous Manuscripts Collection.

Scope of collection

Truly miscellaneous in scope and containing a wide range of content and types of formats, the Miscellaneous Manuscripts Collection spans the full range of subjects, time periods, and regions consistent with SCUA's collecting policy, with a particularyw emphasis on Massachusetts history. Materials are added to the collection on a regular basis.


77 Records and Folklore: Jazz, Blues and folk Recordings for the Connoisseur
Box 1: 1
Adams, Abigail: Letter to John Quincy Adams
1751 May
Box 5: 1
Adams, J. W.: Advertisement: Doolittle's Black Cap Raspberry
ca. 1890
Box 1: 2
Advertisement: Bob Scobey & his Frisco Band
ca. 1965
Box 1: 3
Advertisement for the Press of Robert Grabhorn and Andrew Hoyem
ca. 1972
Box 5: 2
Agriculture: handbills and ribbon
Box 1: 4
Allen, Walter C.: Announcing the Publication of Jazz Monographs No. 2
Box 1: 5
Allen Walter C.: Discount Schedule of Quantity Orders of Books and Publications on Jazz
1958 June
Box 1: 6
Alvord family (South Hadley, Mass.): Tax collector's account book
Box 1: 7
Amherst Community History Mural: Guide to the Amherst Community History Mural
ca. 1990
Box 1: 8
Amherst Growth Policy Committee: Letters, clippings, memos
ca. 1970
Box 1: 9
Annual Shakespeare Festival: Program: Taming of the Shrew
Box 1: 10
Apple family photographs
Box 1: 11
Apple family posed outside of Apple's Meat Market: Sam Apple, Henry Apple, Joe Apple, unidentified friend, Lou Apple, and unidentified friend (l. to r.)
Sam Apple with children: written in pencil on verso: 'Rosika mit Manelle bei 5 und 9 jahren'
Arms Academy. Student Council: Scrapbook
Box 1: 12
Arnold Arboretum: Bird's Eye View of Arnold Arboretumn and the Bussey Institutions
Box 1: 13
Audio Book Company: Literature for Listening
ca. 1960
Box 1: 14
Audiophile Records, Inc.: Audiophile Complete Listing, Introduction and Some of Our Philosophies
ca. 1970
Box 1: 15
Audubon, Lucy: Letter to Mrs. Connally
Box 5: 3
Bacon, Albert S.: Bay State Grocery Advertisement
1877 Feb 7
Box 1: 16
Baker, Luther B.: Lecture: pursuit of John Wilkes Booth
Box 1: 17
Baldwin, Rachel: Estate inventory (Bloomfield, N.J.)
1812 May 8
Box 5: 4
Baring Woolen Manufacturing Company: Stock assessment
Box 1: 18
Bartkett, Emory H.: Catalog and mating list: Trapnested, Pedigreed, S. C. W. Leghorns
Box 1: 19
Baskin, Leonard: Letters to Leone
1969, 1982
Box 1: 20
Bede, the Venerable, Saint, 673-735: In Lucae evangelium, ch. 9 [manuscript leaf]
Box 6
Bennington (Vt.) centennial souvenir napkin
Box 6: 1
Berkeley, Roy: Correspondence: Watts, Theodore F.
Box 1: 21
Black Panther Ski Center: Black Panther Ski Center pamphlet
ca. 1945
Box 1: 22
Blouët, Paul: Receipt, Young Ladies of the Edwards Church Society (Northampton, Mass.)
1891 Nov 18
Box 1: 23
Boston Hoosac Tunnel and Albany Railroad: Report of the Corporators
Box 1: 24
Boston Lyceum Concert Co.: Publicity materials
Box 1: 25
Botanical Musuem (Harvard University): Glass Flowers in the Ware Collection
Box 1: 26
Bourne, Richard Alden: Descendants of John Bourne
Box 1: 27
Bramlage, Georgene: Leverett 200: Leverett the Community
Box 1: 28

Co-authored by Georgene and William Bramlage.

Broadside: "America's Dilemma" (Chicago, Ill.)
1964 May 29
Box 1: 29

Speakers include Michael Harrington, Bayard Rustin, and Norman Thomas.

Broadside: children's rhyme
ca. 1900
Box 1: 30

Subject of rhyme is racist.

Broadside: "Where is Hitler Heading?"
1934 July 12
Box 1: 31

Advertising a meeting held in Boston to discuss the latest events in Germany.

Butler, Leona A.: Massachusetts: Home of Famous Jerseys
Box 1: 32
Capmakers Local 4: United hatters, Cap, and Millinery Workers International Union, Plans, reports, and Newspaper Clippings
Box 1: 33
Catalogue of Short-horn Cattle: From the herds of C. S. Barclay and Smith and Judd near West Liberty, Iowa
Box 5: 5
Catalogue des Livres qui se Trouvent chez Plassan, Imprimeur-Libraire, rue du Cimetière St-André-des-Arc
ca. 1791
Box 5: 6
Catalogue of Trotting Stock at Highlawn belonging to Elizur Smith of Lee, Berkshire County, Mass.
Box 1: 34
Celanse Corporation of America: How to Choose Your Fabrics Wisely: booklet
ca. 1950
Box 1: 35
Center Peace (Northampton, Mass.)
Box 1: 36
Central Labor Union Entertainment and Ball: souvenir program
1904 Jan 21
Box 1: 37

Held at the Town Hall in Leominster, Massachusetts.

Chamberlain, Sarah: Broadside advertisement for Chamberlain Press
Box 5: 7
Chapman, R. A.: Letter to Barnes, D. H.
1857 Dec 3
Box 1: 38
Checks: sample bank checks
Box 6: 2
Cheney, W. P.: Letter to Daniels, Charlotte
1847 May 11
Box 1: 39
Civil Defense emergency rations
Art closet

Tins of crackers (Civil Defense All Purpose Survival Biscuits), one tin (37 pounds) of hard candy, and a cardboard box that contained six of the crackers tins, rescued from dumpster near Whately Public Library, a former civil defense shelter.

Clark, J. Enoch: Deed: Sheldon, Isaac
Box 1: 40
"Class Structure of America 1970: A Paper for Discussion, Study, and Criticism
Box 3: 43
Cobden-Sanderson, T. J.: The Closing of the Doves Press
Box 5: 8
Coffin, Levi: advertising flier for Reminiscences of Levi Coffin [Underground Railroad memoir]
Box 6: 3
Colorado State Agricultural Experiment Station
1895, 1907
Box 1: 41

Postcards addressed to the Experiment Station requesting publications.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts: Order to Hampshire County Sheriff
1802 Aug 23
Box 1: 42

Order to attach the goods of Seth Draper of Belchertown.

Conant, Joseph: Letter to Russell, E. A.
Box 1: 43
Congregational Church (Greenwich, Mass.): Program
ca. 1930
Box 1: 44
Cook Laboratories Inc.: Catalog of Spanish and Portuguese Music
ca. 1970
Box 1: 45
Cooke, Mary W.: Letter to Mr. Dalton
Box 1: 46
Corradino, Corrado: Il libro dell'anima
Box 5: 9
Corradino, Corrado: Ricordo di un sogno d'estate. A Quirina fior di tutti i miei sogni
Box 5: 10
Cortot, Alfred: Letter to Ami
Box 5: 11
Croce, Benedetto: Letter to Signore (Naples, Italy)
1906 Feb 15
Box 5: 12
Croce, Benedetto: Prefazione alla "Letterature italiana del secolo XIX" di Francesco de Sanctis
Box 5: 13
Court Square Theatre (Springfield, Mass.): Program
Box 1: 47
Cox, Thomas: Bookplate
ca. 1850
Box 1: 48
Croizier, Ralph C.: Traditional Medicine in Communist China: Science, Communism and Cultural Nationalism
Box 4: 1
Cushman, Harriette: Letters to Dresser, Wealthy (Goshen, Mass.)
Box 1: 49

Written while Cushman was a student at Mount Holyoke Seminary.

Dedication Exercises of the Methodist E. Church (Pittsfield, Mass.): program
1874 May 5
Box 1: 50
Deerfield Valley Art Association: Exhibition: Eleventh Annual Showing of Work
Box 1: 51
Democratic City Committee (Springfield, Mass.): Inaugural Banquet and Ball Souvenir Program
1950 Jan 3
Box 1: 52
Dewyey, Melvil: Postcard to Portland Society of Natural History (Portland, Me.)
ca. 1875
Box 6: 27
Dexter, George A.: correspondence
Box 1: 53
Dobek, Edward: Letters: Hanzel, Bette M.
Languages: Correspondence in Polish and English.
Box 1: 54
Donaghue, Katherine: Letter to Dickinson, Wesley
Box 1: 55
Dreyfus, John: The Personal Pleasures of a Private Press (Stanford, Calif.: Stanford University Press)
Box 5: 14
Duckert family letters
Box 5: 15
E. S. Hulbert & Co.: Fall River Works: price list
Box 1: 56
Echo Hill Town Houses (Amherst, Mass.): brochure
ca. 1965
Box 1: 57
Einstein, Albert: Letter to Walter Mayer
Language: Letter in German.
1932 Nov 28
Box 1: 58

Includes transcription and correspondence concerning acquisition of letter.

Endicott-Sears, Clara: Letters to Frederick Morse Cutter
Box 5: 16
Estate of Chloe Fuller (Warren, Conn.)
Box 1: 59
Everst Record Group: Catalog of Long-Playing Records and Cassette Tapes
Box 1: 60
Farm Journal and Farmer's Wife
1940 May
Box 5: 17
Fashion Plate Revue (Masonic Temple, Springfield): program
Box 1: 61
Feinberg, Charles E.: Walt Whitman Collection
Box 1: 62
Film & Recordings Center. Public Library of Cincinnati & Hamilton County: Jazz Festival: program of events
ca. 1975
Box 1: 63
First Church of Christ, Scientist (Boston, Mass.): Photographs: Christian Science Center
ca. 1980
Box 1: 64
First Congregational Church (Hadley, Mass.): Program: Homecoming Sunday
Box 1: 65
First Congregational Parish (Deerfield, Mass.): Program: 100th Anniversary of "The Old Brick Church" together with the Fall Meeting of the Connecticut Valley Conference
1924 Oct 12
Box 3: 34
Fisher, G. H.: Broadside: lecture (Town Hall, Orange, Mass.)
ca. 1920
Box 1: 66

Lower half of a chirograph granting land to John, son of John de Thomele from Robert Fitz Elys, son of Lord Robert Fitz Elys.

Folk-Legacy Records, Inc. (Sharon, Conn.)
Box 1: 67
Folkways Records: New releases
Box 1: 68
Fowler, J. S.: Letter to Governor of Massachusetts
1896 May 5
Box 1: 69

Asking the Governor to investigate a private institution, Berkshire Hills Sanatorium, treating cancer patients. Fowler's sister underwent treatment there and died a few days after returning home from apparent mistreatment and neglect received at the facility.

Frankfurter, Felix: TLS to F.L.
Box 6: 4

Plus carbon copies of correspondence to Frankfurter, all pertaining to case of Sacco and Vanzetti

Fraser, Duncan H.: Autobiographical writings
Box 1: 70

Recounting his service as a Timberwolf in the U.S. Army during world War II.

Fraser, Duncan H.: Letter to father
1945 Feb 4
Box 1: 71

Concerning attack on Merken.

Fraser, Duncan H.: newspaper clippings and printed material
Box 1: 72

Includes an issue of Timberwolf Howl.

Friends of Quabbin: The Memory Lives: 50th Commemorative Year, 1938-1988
1988 Apr 27
Box 1: 73
Freeman, Watson: Deed to Fisk, Ebenezer, Jr.
1778 Feb 9
Box 1: 74

Transer of land in Shelburne, Massachusetts.

Funk family: Wolf Mausoleum (Highland Cemetery, Ottawa, Kansas)
Box 3: 35

Includes invoice for the cutting of names and dates from the Lamb-Roberts Funeral Home and a photograph of the work.

Garstane, Daisy: Letters to Mrs. Henry Ferguson
Box 5:

Concerning Egypt.

Gehenna Press: Ephemera and advertisements
Box 5: 19
GHB Records: Numerical album order form
ca. 1970
Box 1: 75
Gibbons, Peter: Short Narrative of My Life
Box 1: 76

Typescript narrative written by Peter Gibbons covering his life from 1730 to 1822.

GNP Crescendo Records: Inventory Control & Order Form
Box 1: 77
Good Time Jazz Record Co.: GTJ & CR News (v. 4, no, 2)
1959 Mar
Box 1: 78
Goshen (Mass.): miscellaneous documents
Box 6: 5

Includes order to muster the militia (1838), deeds, indentures, receipts, etc.

Gotham Book Mart: Recording list
ca. 1965
Box 1: 79
Granby (Mass.): Petition to Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Box 1: 80

Petition from Town Selectman concerning boundaries with South Hadley.

Grand Festival Concert (Springfield, Mass.): Program
1922 Feb 23
Box 1: 81
Grandma Moses
3 photographs
Box 6: 5
Grant, Lucy E.: Letter to Grant, Luther
1844 Dec 6
Box 1: 82
Greenfield and Northampton Railroad Corporation: voting proxies to Dickinson, Gardner
1845 June 9
Box 1: 83
Greenfield Community College: Pioneer Valley Studies Newsletter
Box 1: 84
Greenhorn, James: Letter to unknown recipient
1840 Aug 10
Box 1: 85
Gutowska, Marie: Glimpses into the Story of Polish Americans: An Introduction into Polish Studies
ca. 1968
Box 1: 86
Hampshire Agricultural Society: Certificate of Life Membership: Lathrop, Paoli, Mrs.
Box 1: 87

Signed by William S. Clark.

Hampsihre County (Mass.): Assessor's warrant to Deerfield (Mass.) Constable
1784 Mar 8
Box 1: 88
Hampshire Magazine: Holyoke's Spectacular 25th Annual St. Patrick's Day Parade
Box 1: 89
Handbill: "Dramatic Entertainment"
Box 1: 90

Featuring The Little Treasure and The Widow's Victim.

Handbill: Three Musketeers
ca. 1910
Box 1: 91
Hayes, Franklin J.: Letter to Charles
1841 July 16
Box 1: 92
Heath Telephone Company: Telephone directory
Box 1: 93
Heiligmann, Carlos and Katherine: Favorite libraries in Franklin County, Massachusetts
Box 6: 7
Hemenway, Ruby: Correspondence
1978, 1980
Box 1: 94
Hess, Selmar: Hints from a Famous Binder
ca. 1900
Box 5: 20
1360 Sept. 21
Box 5: 41

Grant of two acres from William Heiward (Heyward), Lord of Thornton, to John Chastilon, priest of the church of Thornton. In Anglicana script on vellum with red seal intact bearing he impression of a lion rampant.

H.H. Brown Company, Inc.: brochures and newspaper clippings
Box 1: 95
Hick'ry Farm: program
ca. 1850
Box 1: 96
High School of Commerce (Springfield, Mass.): Commerce: Maroon Issue
Box 1: 97
Hilton-Simpson, Melville William
Box 6: 8

Letters and snapshots laid into edition of Hill-folk of Algeria

Hindsight Records: Catalog
ca. 1970
Box 1: 98
Historic Northampton: 256 Pleasant Street Northampton: Historic Building Photographic and Plan Documentation
Box 6: 29
Hoffman, Edwina A.: A Language Study of the Negro Community in Amherst, Massachusetts (B.A. Honors Thesis, UMass Amherst)
Box 5: 21
Holden, Charles S.: License from U.S. Treasury for sugar producer
Box 6: 9
Holyoke High School Monthly Report
Box 1: 99
Holyoke (Mass.): 21st Annual St. Patrick's Day Parade Souvenir Program
1972 Mar 19
Box 1: 100
Holyoke (Mass.): 22nd Annual St. Patrick's Day Parade Souvenir Program
1973 Mar 18
Box 1: 101
Holyoke (Mass.): 23rd Annual St. Patrick's Day Parade Souvenir Program
1974 Mar 17
Box 1: 102
Holyoke (Mass.): 24th Annual St. Patrick's Day Parade Souvenir Program
1975 Mar 23
Box 1: 103
Holyoke (Mass.): Welcome to Holyoke, Massachusetts: A City on the Move
ca. 1990
Box 1: 104
Holyoke (Mass.): Uncertainty of the Present, the Promise of the Future
ca. 1970
Box 1: 105
Holyoke Chamber of Commerce (Holyoke, Mass.): Business Person of the Year award to Carol Katz (Loomis Communities)
Box 6: 24
Hopman, Ellen Evert: Secrets of Life: An Interview Project with Elders of Some Pioneer Valley Towns
Box 1: 106
Horner, Phyllis: "China's Revolution in Medicine: The Struggle Between Two Lines"
Box 3: 42
Horticultural School for Women: Advertisement
Box 1: 107
Hot Jazz Club of America: List of latest releases and order form
Box 1: 108
Household Finance Corporation and Subsidaries: Better Buymanship Principles booklet
Box 1: 109
Household Finance Corporation and Subsidaries: Better Buymanship Use and Care: Floor Coverings, booklet no. 10
1943 Jan
Box :
Household Finance Corporation and Subsidaries: Better Buymanship Use and Care: Furniture, booklet no. 26
1947 Mar
Box 1: 110
Household Finance Corporation and Subsidaries: Better Buymanship Use and Care: Furs, booklet no. 8
1946 Jan
Box 1: 111
Household Finance Corporation and Subsidaries: Better Buymanship Use and Care: Household Equipment, booklet no. 14
1946 Apr
Box 1: 112
Household Finance Corporation and Subsidaries: Better Buymanship Use and Care: Playthings, booklet no. 15
1945 Oct
Box 1: 113
Household Finance Corporation and Subsidaries: Better Buymanship Use and Care: Shoes, booklet no. 5
1946 June
Box 1: 114
Household Finance Corporation and Subsidaries: Better Buymanship Use and Care: Soap and Other Cleaning Agents, booklet no. 16
1942 Mar
Box 1: 115
Household Finance Corporation and Subsidaries: Money Mangement: The Home Furnishing Dollar, booklet
Box 1: 116
Household Finance Corporation and Subsidaries: Money Mangement: The Clothing Dollar, booklet
Box 1: 117
Howe, Donald W.: Quabbin Stamp House
Box 2
Hubbard, Guy: Windsor Industrial History: Lamson Companies (Chapter XI)
Box 2
International Jewish Peace Union (I. J. P. U.): Information packets
Box 4: 3
International Piano Archives: printer material
Box 2
Jackson, James E.: C.P. Position on Status and Prospects of the "Black Belt"
ca. 1956
Box 2
Jazz Record Exchange: Jazz Report Benefit Auction
Box 2
Jazzology Records: Numerical album order form
Box 2
Jenkins, Paul: Letter to unidentified recipient
1840 Aug 3
Box 2
Jim Cullum's Happy Jazz Band: Music listing order form, brochure
ca. 1970
Box 2
Keller, J. H.: Letter to Keller, Peter H.
1849 Aug 29
Box 2
Kennedy, John F.: memorial magazines
Box 6

Memorial editions of Life, Look, and Post magazines.

Kermaire, Christine: Human microchip implant and biohacking [artist book], 119/500
Box 6: 10
King, John: Deed of sale to Scott, William
1749 Aug 8
Box 2

For property in the "Elbows" in Hampshire County.

King Persifer's Crown: A Comedietta in Four Acts program
1891 Dec 25
Box 2
KM Records: Kicking Mule catalog
Box 2
Knight, James: Bearer's bond from State of Massachusetts Bay
1771 Dec 1
Box 5: 22
Kuwada, Gompei: Autobiography of Gompei Kuwada
Box 2
Labor: pamphlets and brochures
Box 2
La Brecque, Donald: Historical perspective on the lives of people labeled with an intellectual disability in Massachusetts
Box 6: 21
Ladies Auxiliary, Our Lady of Czestochova (Turner's Falls, Mass.): Photograph
ca. 1950
Box 2
Ladies Auxiliary (Turner's Falls, Mass.): Meeting of Central Committee for Good deeds minutebook
Box 2
La Franchise, Ed: Letter on Catholic Order of Foresters letterhead
Box 6: 11
Lamson & Goodnow: Product catalog and price lists
Box 2
Lamson & Goodnow: "A Brief History of Lamson & Goodnow Manufacturing Co."
ca. 1970
Box 2
Landmarks Preservation Committee: Gillett-Tyler House report
ca. 2000
Box 2
"Last Will and Testament of Oliver Smith, Esquire, late of Hatfield, Mass. deceased Dec. 22, 1845"
Box 2
Latimer, Catherine A.: two letters from W.E.B. Du Bois
1936, 1947
Box 6: 12

With passage from Luke 19:15 ff.: four-sided borders edged in gold infilled with (recto) magenta twigs and foliage, colorful birds, peacock, and gold bezants; (verso) triangles and lozenges with IHS and bright blossoms, strawberries, a single bird, and gold bezants; two-line gold initial on colorful grounds with blossoms; rubricated. Texts: This is a section of the Sanctorale with Gospel lessons primarily from Luke (18 October).

Lee, Gerald Stanley: Letters
Box 2
Lenox Academy: Exhibition program
1829 Aug
Box 2
Lenox Academy: Exhibition program
1834 Aug
Box 2
Letter from Lucretia to Thayer, Lucius F.
1834 Apr 23
Box 2
Letter from Marjorie L. to Charles
1920 July 21
Box 2

Written on Berkshire Summer School of Art letterhead.

Letter from Mazie to Corley, T. S.
Box 2
Letter from Nancy to Hubbard, Parker D.
1846 July 26
Box 2
Levenger, George: Japan and I
Box 6: 13

Memoir of time in post-war military occupation of Japan.

Levine, Eric: French intellectual and the Algerian War
Box 6: 14
Levy, Lazare: Letter to M. Wilkowski
Box 5: 23
Library of Congress: Music Division: Recording Laboratory order blanks
Box 2
Lindsey family: photographs
Box 2

Includes photographs of Emily Blaney Lindsey,Amy Brown Lindsey, Jospeh B. Lindsey (Sr. and Jr.)and Joseph W. Lindsey.

Lindsey, Joseph B.: obituary and funeral remarks
Box 2
Lindsey, Joseph B., Jr.: "Amy Brown Lindsey, 1868-1941"
ca. 1941
Box 2
Lindsey, Joseph B., Jr.: record of birth
Box 2
Linguaphone Institute: printed material
ca. 1955
Box 2
Literary Map of Amherst, Massachusetts
ca. 1990
Box 2
LP Catalog, New Releases: order form
Box 2
Luckman, George E.: "Books on 'Jass,' 'Popular Music,' and 'Show Business'" price list
ca. 1965
Box 2
Lyman, E. H. R.: Letters to sister
Box 2
Macleish, Archibald: Ephemera from memorial tribute at Greenfield Community College
Box 5: 24
Map of Berkshire County, Massachusetts, 1858: CD-ROM
Box 5: 25
Massachusetts Baptist Convention: receipt to Nelson, Stephen S.
1841 Aug 21
Box 2
Massachusetts Committee on Public Safety, Protection Division: Bomb Instructions for Air Raid Wardens
ca. 1943
Box 2
Massachusetts government documents: tax and other acts
Box 5: 26
Matthews, Brander: Correspondence with Edgar White Burill
Box 5: 27
Matthews, Maryka: The Death of Malcom X: Eyewitness Report
ca. 1965
Box 2

Photocopies typescript.

Mauger, Madame: Letter to Hartung, C. E.
ca. 1868
Box 2

Concerning sale of hair/wigs.

Mayon, Charles and Rivier, Theodore: Circular letter to de Saussure, Maximilen
Language: Letter in French.
Box 2

Proposing to unify diverse religious societies by establishing a school for children.

Mecuster, Inez, soprano: advertisement, brochure
ca. 1890
Box 2
Merriam, Charles: Letter to Merriam, George
1834 Mar 29
Box 2
Merry Makers Record Company: Good Old Jazz
ca. 1970
Box 2
Millican, C. Bowie: Letter to John M. Berdan
1934 Dec 7
Box 5: 28
Mills, E. H.: Letter to Bliss, George
1823 Apr 11
Box 2
Mississippi & Alabama Railroad Company: $100 note
Box 2
"Mohawk Indian on the Mohawk Trail at Mohawk Hunting Grounds of Charlemont in Massachusetts"
Box 2
Mohawk Birch Trail, by David Danielson
Box 6: 15
Monitor Show Company (Holbrook, Mass.): Catalog
ca. 1915
Box 5: 29
Monmouth Evergreen Records: catalogs and order forms
Box 2
Munroe, Robert C.: calling card
ca. 1890
Box 2
Nash, S. A. and M. A.: Letter to sister
1864 Jan 31
Box 2
Nash, Sibbel: Letters to sister
1848, 1850
Box 2
Natchez (Miss.): 25 cents note
Box 2
National Defense Research Committee. Applied Mathematics Panel: Supersonic Flow and Shock Waves: A Manual on the Mathematical Theory of Non-Linear Wave Motion, AMP Report 38.2R
ca.1945 Jul
Box 4: 7

Report was the property of Marshall Harvey Stone, who did classified work for the United States government during World War II before joining the UMass Amherst Mathematics department in 1968.

National Defense Research Committee. Applied Mathematics Panel, Applied Mathematics Group, New York University: Remarks on the Mathematical Theory of Detonation and Deflagration Waves in Gases (Supplement to the Manual on Supersonic Flow and Shock Waves), AMP Report 38.3R, AMG-NYU No. 127.
1945 Jul
Box 4: 7

Report was the property of Marshall Harvey Stone, who did classified work for the United States government during World War II before joining the UMass Amherst Mathematics department in 1968.

National Geographic Society and Palomar Observatory: Sky Atlas

Photographic atlas produced with the 48-inch Schmidt telescope of the Palomar Observatory covering the sky north of -27 declination in photographic reproduction of red- and blue-sensitive range. The survey was funded by the National Geographic Society. Copyright for the images has been retained by the National Geographic.

This copy of the Sky Atlas was presented by the National Geographic Society to Amherst College in 1955.

Negatives: house in Orange, Mass.
ca. 1930
Box 2
New Salem (Mass.): brochures, flyers, and maps
ca. 1950, 2000
Box 2
New Sunshine Jazz Band: flyer
Box 2
Newburyport (Mass.): Invoice to Commonwealth of Massachusetts
ca. 1810
Box 2

For "sundry supplies to Newport Higgins and family, an African."

Noble, Mason: Centennial Discourse, Delivered in Williamstown, Mass.
1865 Nov 19
Box 2
Norfolk County Agricultural High School
Box 3: 36

Printed materials kept by Massachusetts state forester, F. Gilbert Hills, who served on the School's Advisory Committee.

Norfolk County Agricultural High School
Box 3: 37

Printed materials kept by Massachusetts state forester, F. Gilbert Hills, who served on the School's Advisory Committee.

Northfield (Mass.). Agricultural Commission: Northfield Farms
Box 6: 20

Map of active farms and farm types in Northfield, Mass.

"Orange, Mass., An Ideal Manufacturing and Residential Town. Supplement to Enterprise and Journal"
ca. 1900
Box 2

Featuring ads from local businesses, including New Home Sweing Machine.

Orange Women's Club (Orange, Mass.): Booklet
Box 2
"Our Home Town, Springfield, Massachusetts: A Report to the Citizens"
Box 2
Page, Fanny H.: Letters to her family (Greenwood, Mo.)
13 letters
Box 6: 26

Letters from a young emigrant to Reconstruction-era western Missouri, including news of a local murder, daily life, raising a young son. Fanny (Hidden) Page was born in Deerfield, N.H., on Dec. 20, 1841, and was wife of Benjamin Greeley Page (1835-1878), a graduate of Dartmouth (1861) and a minister, and she was daughter of Ephraim N. Hidden, also a minister. Fanny's son Curtis was born in April 1870. She died on Oct. 30, 1870.

Paradox Industries, Inc.: order cards
Box 2
Parsons, Albert R.: "Parsons Appeal to the Governor"
Box 2

Concerning Haymarket Massacre.

Parsons, E. A.: Herbarium
1892 May - 1892 June
Box 6

48 sheets. Collected in Wilbraham and North Amherst, Mass.

Peacemeal: New England Vietnam Summer News
1967 July 5
Box 2

Volume 1, no. 1; contains article by Ray Mungo.

Peirce family accounts (New Salem, Mass.)
Box 2

Possibly related to estate settlement.

Pennant: Fair (Greenfield, Mass.)
Box 6
Pennyroyal Press: Pennyroyal Prospectus & Retrospectus
Box 5: 30
Perley, M. V. B.: Order form
1881 Aug 15
Box 2
Philbin, Philip J., Congressman: Telegrams
Box 2
Philbin, Philip J., Congressman: Telegrams
Box 2
Philbin, Philip J., Congressman: Telegrams
Box 2
Philbin, Philip J., Congressman: Telegrams
Box 2
Philbin, Philip J., Congressman: Telegrams
Box 2
Philip Werlein, Ltd., Dixieland Record Dept.: Brochure, price list, and order form
ca. 1960
Box 2
Phillipp, Adelaide: Miss Adelaide Phillipps' Concert handbill (Easthampton, Mass.)
1874 June 6
Box 2
Photograph: F. H. Brown and Co., Greenfield, Mass.
ca. 1900
Box 5: 6

Marked in pencil on recto: C. A. Parsons

Photograph: F. H. Brown and Co. (Greenfield, Mass.)
ca. 1900
Box 5: 31
Photograph albums
ca. 1910
Box 6: 30

Includes family scenes from New Castle, New Hampshire and Boston, Mass.

Photograph album: Julie and Lou Marek
Box 8

Includes photographs from courtship and school, parades in New York City, their wedding, and honeymoon.

Pilgrim Tract Society: "The Most Dangerous Dope . . . Of Our Generation"
ca. 1965
Box 2
Pioneer Valley Association of Academic Libraries (PVAAL)
Box 4: 8
Pioneer Valley Association of Academic Libraries (PVAAL)
Box 4: 9
Pioneer Valley Association of Academic Libraries (PVAAL)
Box 4: 10
Pittsfield (Mass.): account of evangelical meeting
Box 2

Commencing on May 12th and lasting 24 days.

Pittsfield (Mass.): Votes for Governor and Lieutenant Governor
1812 Apr 6
Box 2
Pole, Reginald: Letter to Professor Phelps
1932 Jan 8
Box 5: 32
The Politics of Health Care: A Bibliography
Box 4: 4
Pollack, Stanley B.: Poems
Box 6: 16
Postcard: Mount Holyoke from Nonotuck, Northampton, Mass.
ca. 1940
Box 2
Postcards: miscellaneous
ca. 1970
Box 2
Poster: Cruzada Nacional de Alfabetizacion
ca. 1980
Box 2
Poster: election, Honduras
Box 2
Poster: Reforma Agraria con el Decreto 207, El Salvador
ca. 1980
Box 2
Potomac River Jazz Club: Tailgate Ramblings, v. 7, no. 4
1977 Apr
Box 2
P.Q. R.S.T. (Easthampton, Mass.) broadside
1873 Apr 25
Box 2
Prescott Historical Society, Inc.: Forty-Sixth Annual Meeting handbill
1978 Aug
Box 2
Prestige Records, Inc.: Complete Numerical Dealer order form
Box 2
Program: Evening of English Glees, Easthampton Town Hall
Box 2
Progressive Party of Massachusetts: "Proposed Platform for Progressive Party of Massachusetts to be adopted at State Convention on June 5, 1949"
Box 2
Prohibition ephemera
Box 5
National Board of Prohibition Strategy: All wet [flier]
National Board of Prohibition Strategy: The cost [flier]
National Board of Prohibition Strategy: Important -- note carefully [coin card designed to send dime donations to support prohibition]
National Board of Prohibition Strategy: Envelope
Provincetown AIDS Support Group: AIDS Information: brochure
Box 3: 38

Written by William Harding during earliest days of AIDS epidemic in Provincetown; printed in cooperation with Provincetown AIDS Support Group and AIDS Action Committee of Boston.

"Puerto Rico Fact Sheet: Independence or Annexation
ca. 1980
Box 3: 41
Pynchon, G.: Leather wallet (Great Barrington, Mass.)
ca. 1870
Box 2
Radio Center: Dixieland Jazz Records Catalog
Box 2
Ramsey, A. B. Carpenter: Album: Sea Mosses, gathered along the beach at Martha's Vineyard
1878 Sept 2
Box 2
RCA Records: Vintage Series catalog
Box 2
Receipt: hay scales, Northampton (Mass.) to Samuel Wright
Box 2
Receipts: Munde, Charles to Mrs. Litchfield
1853 Mar
Box 2
Record, Book and Film Series, Inc.: Order form
ca. 1970
Box 2
Record Convergence: Flyer: "The Premier Record Convention:
ca. 1970
Box 2
Regionalism and the Bay Area
Box 3: 44
Reports of Congress: Springfield Manufacturing Company
Box 2
Reynolds, D.: Letter to Reynolds, James
Box 2
Rhodes, George D., Mrs.: Postcards
Box 6: 28
Ribbon: founding convention of the New Party, Convention Hall (Philadelphia, Penn.)
1948 July 23-26
Box 2
Ricketts, James H.: Empire State: the New Earl White Grape, brochure
ca. 1886
Box 2
Rituel de la FraternitéUnie des Charpentiers Menuisiers d'Amérique
Box 2
Riverside Records: Catalogs
Box 2
Robeson, Paul: "The Great Negro Singer," program cover
1940 Oct 6
Box 2
Robinson, Henry Crabbe: Letter to Edwin W. Field
1865 Jan 19
Box 5: 33
Roosevelt, Franklin D.: pro-Roosevelt pamphlets and fliers
Box 5: 34
Root, Hezekiah: Deed to Kentfield, Salmon
1780 Dec
Box 2

Relating to land in Belchertown.

Royce, Josiah: Letter to unidentified receipient
1892 Dec 2
Box 2

Inserted in The Spirit of Modern Philosophy.

Schmidt, Jakob: Letter to unknown recipient
Box 2

In German, includes transcription.

Schonberg, Arnold: Letter to Herr Gettmann
1912 Jan 30
Box 5: 35
Second River Skiffle and Brass Lovers Society: Allen's Poop Sheet, v.1, no. 1
1958 June
Box 2
Secretary of the Treasury: Letter, published: Importations in American and foreign vessels
Box 5: 2
Secretary of the Treasury: published letter on importations in America and foreign vessels
Box 5: 36
Sedgwick, T.: Letter to Mr. Edmonds
1829 July 17
Box 2
Sheldon, Charles: Correspondence concerning Pike, Warburton
Box 2

With Marshall Bond.

Shepherd, Cynthia: Letter to brother and sister
Box 2
Sherman, Nathan E.: Civil War discharge from 2nd Minnesota Cavalry and letter after move to Houston, Tex.
1865, 1872
Box 6: 17
Sherk, Kenneth: War Gases: Chemical Warfare Agents
Box 2
"The Shifting Communist Party Line"
ca. 1975
Box 3: 40
Shutesbury (Mass.) 250th
Box 4

Includes materials documenting the history of the towm of Shutesbury.

Skibicki, Roman: photo of Roman Skibicki and (from left) Sophie Shimko (a guest from New York), sons Michael, John, and Joseph, and Romon, at Sunderland Meadows onion farm
Box 6: 18
Smith, Grace C.: correspondence
Box 2
Smith, Henry and Mattie: Envelopes and tax bills
Box 2
Solley, Sarah: Correspondence with Gale, George E.
Box 2

Concerning a dyeing business.

South Amherst Canning Kitchen: price list
Box 2
South Deerfield Elementary School: Farming in Deerfield
Box 2

VHS tape; produced by 6th grade class.

Spoken Arts, Inc.: Order form
ca. 1965
Box 2
Springfield High Schools graduation exercises programs
1903, 1922-1930
Box 2
Springfield Pomona Grange, No. 12: Patrons of Husbandry program
Box 2
Springfield Street Railway Company: Stryco News
1929 May 15
Box 2
Springfield Symphony Orchestra: Musical Memories: 50th Anniversary Commemorative Book
Box 2
Standard School Lectures--Civilian Protection: Fire Defense
ca. 1942
Box 2
Standard School Lectures--Civilian Protection: General Subjects
ca. 1942
Box 2
Star of the Valley Council, No. 136, Jr. O. U. A. M.:
1888 Apr 20
Box 2
Stewart's Band: program
1899 Jan 20
Box 2
Stockwell, John: Racing On? The New Handbook for the Changing Arms Race
ca. 1988
Box 4: 5
Stockwell, John: The United States In Search of Enemies: A Selected "National Secutiry" Reading List
Box 4: 6
Stoddard, Sol: Letters to Hubbard, Thomas H.
Box 2
Storrowtown Theater: Storrowton Theater programs
Box 2
Storrowtown Theater: Storrowton Theater programs
Box 2
Student Statesman
Box 2
Sunbeam Records: "Benny Goodman Collector's Items"
Box 2
Sutcliffe, John B.: Letter to Cecil C. Rice
ca. 1893, 1939
Box 5: 37
Sutcliffe, John B.: Letter to Cecil C. Rice
1939 Dec. 19
Naismith, James, 1861-1939: Basket Ball rules
Sweeney, Gayle: Bird Sightings: A Local Study
ca. 1990
Box 2

Includes some of her poems.

Swift River Valley Historical Society, Inc.: Constitution and Bylaws
Box 2
Swift River Valley Pomona Grange No. 21: Program
Box 2
Tenney, Caleb J.: Letter to Townsend, E.
1845 Mar 31
Box 2
Theosophical Publishing Co.: Karma as a Cure for Trouble
ca. 1935
Box 2
Theosophical Publishing Co.: Spirituality
ca. 1935
Box 2
Thomas's Massachusetts Spy, or, Worcester Gazette
1797 Nov 1
Box 2
Thompson, Peggy: Letters from Dutchmaster 6
Box 3: 1
Thompson, Silas: Letter to unknown recipient
1840 Aug 16
Box 3: 2
Todd, John, D.D.: Sermon on the Burial of Jason Clapp
1868 Oct 25
Box 3: 3
Tornado, central Massachusetts: newspaper clippings
1970 Aug
Box 3: 4
Towne, Elizabeth: Advertisement: Prosperity Through Thought Force
Box 3: 5
Towne, Elizabeth: Circular letter on The Nautilus letterhead
ca. 1906
Box 3: 6
Townsend: Letter to Mr. Phelps
Box 3: 7
Toynbee, Arnold J.: Communism and the West in Asian Countries
ca. 1975
Box 3: 39
Trahan, Elizabeth: Letters from Jordan, May 17-June, 1999
ca. 1999
Box 3: 8
Tudor City Records: Price list
ca. 1960
Box 3: 9
Tummino, Larry: We bear witness: a collection of stories dedicated to the people who lived at the Paul A. Dever State School
Box 6: 22
Twasaki, Hikaru: Photographs: Kusudo family (Wrentham, Mass.)
Box 3: 10

Photographs taken for War Relocation Authority.

Ulysses S. Grant Letter to the Workmen of Lamson & Goodnow Manufacturing Company
Box 3: 11
Unión Cívica Radical (UCR): Printed materials
Box 3: 12
U.S. Department of Labor. Children's Bureau: Family Food Budgets for the use of Relief Agencies
Box 3: 13

Co-produced with the Bureau of Home Economics, U.S. Department of Agriculture.

U.S. State Dept.: United States Military Actions in Cambodia: Questions of International Law
Box 4: 2
United States Military: Brochures and pamphlets
Box 3: 14
Unity Dramatic Club (Chicopee, Mass.): Handbills
Box 3: 15
U.S. Military Tribunals: Nuremberg (audio recordings)
Box 9
Vander Pol, Marinus: Clematis
ca. 1960
Box 3: 16
Wallack, Lester: Letter to Mrs. Baher, lead of orchestra
1880 Dec 6
Box 3: 17
Watkin, John: License, innholder
Box 3: 18
Webber, Alan C.: Circular letter
ca. 1965
Box 3: 19

For records collectors with record catalog.

Webber, Bethiah L.: School compositions: female education and regulation of conduct
Box 3: 20
Wedding photographs, unidentified
ca. 1970
Box 3: 35
Western Massachusetts Academic and High School Teachers: Program
Box 3: 21
Western Massachusetts Electric Company: "What to Do Before You Call an Appliance Man"
Box 3: 22
Whaling ships (New Bedford, Mass.): photographs
ca. 1890
Box 3: 23
Wheeler, Truman: Accounts with William Whiting
Box 4: 11
White, Thomas R.
6 letters
Box 6: 19

Letters from Air Force pilot and Korean War veteran while on duty in Labrador and Greenland.

Whiting, Timothy: Diary
Box 3: 24
Whittier, John Greenleaf: centennial celebration of birth (Haverhill, Mass.)
Box 5: 38
Wilder, Marshall P.: Letters
Box 3: 25
Willard, Samuel: History of the Rise, Progress and Consumption of the Rupture, Which Now Divides the Congregational Clergy and Churches of Massachusetts
Box 3: 26
Williams' Washing Machine: sale of patent
1860 July
Box 3: 27
Williston, Samuel: Letter to "H" and to his parents
1843 June 18
Box 3: 28

"H" is probably Horatio G. Knight.

Williston Seminary: Concert programs
Box 3: 29
Williston Seminary: Order of Exerises, student society
ca. 1870
Box 3: 30
Working Group on Human Subject Research: Thyroid studies: a follow-up report on the use of radioactive materials in human subject research that involved the residents of state-operated facilities within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts from 1943 through 1973
Box 6: 23
World Congress (Rome, Italy): "Work and Joy" program
Box 3: 31
Young, Allen: Short history of Butterworth Farm
Box 6: 25

History of a gay men's commune founded in Royalston, Mass., in 1974, by Young and four associates.

Young Ladies Journal: advertisement
ca. 1890
Box 3: 32
Zanella, Giacomo: Correspondence (Vicenze, Italy)
Box 5: 39

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