Liberation News Service Records

11 boxes, 1 oversize folder (9 linear feet)
Call no.: MS 546
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In 1967, Marshall Bloom and Raymond Mungo, former editors of the student newspapers of Amherst College and Boston University, were fired from the United States Student Press Association for their radical views. In response they collaborated with colleagues and friends to found the Liberation News Service, an alternative news agency aimed at providing inexpensive images and text reflecting a countercultural outlook. From its office in Washington, D.C., LNS issued twice-weekly packets containing news articles, opinion pieces, and photographs reflecting a radical perspective on the war in Vietnam, national liberation struggles abroad, American politics, and the cultural revolution. At its height, the Service had hundreds of subscribers, spanning the gamut of college newspapers and the underground and alternative press. Its readership was estimated to be in the millions. Two months after moving to New York City in June 1968, the LNS split into two factions. The more traditional Marxist activists remained in New York, while Bloom and Mungo, espousing a broader cultural view, settled on farms in western Massachusetts and southern Vermont. The story of LNS, as well as of the split, is told in Mungo's 1970 classic book Famous Long Ago. By 1969 Bloom's LNS farm, though still holding the organization's original press, had begun its long life as a farm commune in Montague, Mass. Montague (whose own story is told in Steve Diamond's What the Trees Said) survived in its original form under a number of resident groups until its recent sale to another non-profit organization. Mungo's Packer Corners Farm, near Brattleboro, the model for his well-known book, Total Loss Farm, survives today under the guidance of some of its own original founders.

The LNS Records include a relatively complete run of LNS packets 1-120 (1967-1968), along with business records, miscellaneous correspondence, some artwork, and printing artifacts.

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Background on Liberation News Service

In the summer of 1967, Marshall Bloom and Raymond Mungo, former editors of the student newspapers of Amherst College and Boston University, were fired from the United States Student Press Association (USSPA) for their radical views. In response, they collaborated with colleagues and friends to found a news organization, first called Resistance Press Service, to act as an alternative to established news services such as the Associated Press (AP) and Collegiate Press Service (CPS). Soon renamed the Liberation News Service (LNS), the alternative news agency provided images and text via inexpensive mimeographed news packets mailed out to subscribers. Articles, commentary, and art offered radical perspectives on the war in Vietnam, national liberation struggles abroad, American politics, and the cultural revolution. At its height, LNS had hundreds of subscribers, spanning the gamut of college newspapers and the underground and alternative press. Its readership was estimated to be in the millions.

From a three-story brownstone in Washington, D.C., LNS gained initial success and momentum with its coverage of the October 1967 protests at the Pentagon by reporting on unique and insider aspects of the protests and antiwar movement. Remaining in the capital, the Service then moved to a shared office (and communal living space) with the Washington Free Press at 3 Thomas Circle, continuing to issue news packets twice-weekly, and growing with support from subscriptions, private donors, and the Institute for Policy Studies. LNS opened an international Telex line in December 1967, and later merged with the Student Communications Network (SCN) out of Berkeley, with its own nationwide Telex network. In addition to news, articles, and artwork from an often shifting (and mostly volunteer) staff, unsolicited material streamed into LNS from around the nation and globe. A New York staff and office came with the SCN merger, and was vital to the substantial role LNS played in the underground press coverage of the strikes at Columbia University in the spring of 1968.

Failing to ever establish a united “Liberated Zone” from which to help lead the movement in Washington, and tiring of both their high rent and the conditions in the nation’s capital in the wake of the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Poor People’s Campaign, LNS officially moved its headquarters to New York City in June 1968. Some Washington staff joined the local group, and in total the list of young writers, photographers, and activists working and jesting under the LNS production over the years was substantial, including George Cavalletto, Steve Diamond, Thorne Dreyer, David Fenton, Clif Garboden, Martin Jezer, Verandah Porche, Sheila Ryan, Peter Simon, Mark Sommer, Harvey Wasserman, Allen Young and many others in addition to founders Bloom and Mungo.

However, the group, much like the countercultural movement itself, was often pulled in multiple directions by interests both serious and slight. Two months after moving to New York City, LNS split into two factions, partially along lines representing the New York office and the original staff from D.C. Bloom’s historical leadership of LNS as a personal passion project, and continuing rule over much of the Service was unwelcome for some, and the New York office was filled with more traditional Marxist activists, hoping not only for more communal and transparent processes for LNS, but also increased commitments to more intense and leftist news journalism. Bloom, Mungo, and those who would later join them, espoused a broader cultural view, and wished to leave their urban setting and settle on farms, seeking a more idyllic existence.

The major, and final, fight for control of LNS funds and leadership followed a successful fundraising event around a screening of the Magical Mystery Tour at the Fillmore East in August 1968, after which a group followed Bloom and Mungo to Montague, MA, where they used the fundraiser profits to purchase a farm and profess it the new LNS headquarters. A tense standoff at the farm ensued, with those from New York eventually reclaiming the funds, but also getting charged with kidnapping by Bloom. The charges were later dismissed, and competing news packets from LNS-Montague and LNS-New York were produced until the winter conditions and small staff at the farm in Montague caused their production to end after issue #120 in January 1969. LNS-New York produced packets through 1981.

The story of LNS, as well as of the split, is told from Mungo’s perspective in his 1970 classic book Famous Long Ago. By 1969, Bloom’s LNS farm, though still holding the organization’s original press, had begun its long life as a farm commune in Montague, MA. Montague Farm (whose own story is told in Steve Diamond’s book What the Trees Said) survived in its original form under a number of resident groups until its recent sale to another non-profit organization. Mungo’s Packer Corners Farm, near Brattleboro, the model for his well-known book, Total Loss Farm, survives today under the guidance of some of its own original founders. Bloom did not live to see the commune counterculture movement grow, however, as he committed suicide on November 1, 1969.

Scope of collection

Despite its relatively short existence of less than three years, the Liberation News Service that ended in Montague, MA originated and extended from a period of exceptionally heightened activity in American political, social, and cultural history. As a whole, the LNS Records document numerous trends stemming from the counterculture, liberation, and activist movements in the United States and abroad during the end of the 1960s. As a news service they played a significant role in the shaping of these stories from a new perspective, and the LNS records depict the wide-reaching branches of the underground press movement, both geographically and in content and style.

The LNS Records include a relatively complete run of LNS packets 1-120 (1967-1969), along with administrative and business records, miscellaneous correspondence, printing artifacts, copies and clippings from the underground press, and material for news stories and commentary, including article drafts, research material, press releases, and photographs and negatives.


The collection has been divided into four series:

Series descriptions

2 boxes (3 linear feet)

This series consists primarily of documents related to the administrative functioning of the Liberation News Service. This includes materials relating to organizing their subscription lists, mailings, and payments; financial records; organizational papers and meeting minutes; forms; office notes and memos; documentation on staff and reporters; and both administrative and some personal correspondence. Some original LNS folder and organizational titles have been maintained and appear in quotation marks.

1967-1977 (bulk1967-1969)
6 boxes (4.25 linear feet)

This series, the largest in the collection, contains research material, article drafts, press releases, photographs, and negatives used or received by the Liberation News Service for its news packets. While a few folder and organizational groupings from LNS have been retained, such as several folders organized by author or chronologically, the majority of the series is organized by subject, and demonstrates the broad cultural, social, and political topics of interest to LNS and its journalists and audience.

2 boxes (.75 linear feet)

This series includes serials, periodicals, and newspaper and magazine clippings collected by the Liberation News Service. LNS subscribers were asked to submit one copy of every issue in which LNS stories or photographs were published, and the Service also kept articles covering their organization and stories, in addition to collecting news materials for research and entertainment purposes. The serials in the series are organized alphabetically by name, and the clippings have been organized into groupings based on rough thematic subjects.

1 box (1 linear foot)

This series consists of the mimeographed news packets produced by the Liberation News Service. There are two copies of each packet, when available, organized chronologically into duplicate folders.


Series 1: Administrative Files
2 boxes (3 linear feet)
Advertising forms
Box 1: 1
"Back label" - stationary
Box 1: 2
Bloom, Marshall - correspondence
Box 1: 3

Includes a letter regarding Bloom's failure to report for a physical from the Selective Service System, a typescript concerning moving LNS to a farm by either Bloom or Ray Mungo, and personal correspondence to and from Bloom, including a letter to Frank Zappa, a copy of correspondence written by Bloom on October 31, 1969, and a copy of a letter written to Bloom's parents by Veranda Porche on the day of Bloom's death, November 1, 1969.

Bloom, Marshall - personal materials, photograph
Box 1: 4

1967-1969 Jan
Box 1: 5-8
Box 1: 9
"Dear friends" letters
1967 Oct-Nov
Box 1: 10
"Dear friends" letters
1968 May-Sep
Box 1: 11

Includes letter from Mungo concerning the move of LNS to Montague, titled "Why Move? The Politics of Rural America in Our Age."

"Dear college radio station manager"
Box 1: 12
"To the Delegates to the S.D.S. N.C"
1967 Dec 28
Box 3: 1
"Dow Shalt Not Kill" reprints and article
Box 1: 13
1968 Mar
Box 1: 14
Lanham, "Connie" Consuelo
1968 Jun
Box 1: 15
Lipnack, Jessica
1968 Jul
Box 1: 16

Seventeen page letter concerning Lipnack's attendance as one of eleven Americans visiting the headquarters of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (DRVN) delegation to the Paris peace talks, arranged by the Second Front, a group of draft resisters and deserters living in Paris.

"LNS Info Requests"
Box 1: 17
"Paul Semonin posters"
1967 Dec
Box 1: 18
Box 1: 19

Box 1: 20
"Bank Papers"
Box 1: 21A
Bills and receipts
Box 1: 21-24
Box 3: 2
"Daily Receipts - The New Media Project"
1968 Sep-Nov
Box 3: 3
Equipment needs and expenses
Box 1: 25
"Expenditure of funds so far"
1967 Aug-Oct
Box 1: 26
Box 1: 27

Includes example of the "I Am the Americong" button sold by LNS

Box 3: 4
"Fundraising" - lists of names
Box 1: 28
Fundraising - Magical Mystery Tour, poster for Fillmore East show
1968 Aug
Folder OS1
Fundraising - Magical Mystery Tour, tentative tour
ca.1968 Sep
Box 1: 29
Investment pamphlets
Box 1: 30
"LNS household crap"
ca.1967 Nov
Box 3: 5
ca.1967 Dec
Box 1: 31
"Information for new members"
Box 1: 32
Lease - Union Theological Seminary and Branigan, James
1968 Jan
Box 1: 33
LNS Split
1968 Aug-1970
Box 1: 34

Includes "Summary of Major Facts" written by Bloom, a June 1970 note concerning the donation of the offset press, legal correspondence from the First National Bank of Amherst, and requests for Issue 100, LNS Montague's issue covering the split.

LNS Split - "Post Office vital stuff"
1968 Sep-Oct
Box 1: 35
Miscellaneous notes
Box 1: 36
Miscellaneous notes
Box 3: 6
New Press Project
Box 1: 37
Box 1: 38
Organizational meeting
1967 Oct 20
Box 1: 39
Organizational planning
Box 1: 40
Parking tickets
1968 Jan
Box 1: 41
Photograph department
Box 1: 42
Press Conference
ca.1967 Dec
Box 1: 43
Publications lists
Box 1: 44

Box 1: 45
Job advertisements
Box 1: 46
Lists, roles
Box 1: 47
Office Staff Information Forms
Box 1: 48
Physician's Report - Ross, William, J.
1968 Apr
Box 1: 49
"Police Press Cards"
Box 1: 50
Reporter Information Forms
Box 1: 51-52
Reporters - "Good Writers"
Box 1: 53
Scolnick, Stephen - obituary
Box 1: 54

Address labels
Box 1: 55-56
Addressograph plates
Box 1: 57A
Addressograph plates lists
1968 Apr
Box 1: 57
"Bill duplicates for new subscribers"
1968 May
Box 1: 58
Box 1: 59
"Bundle Covers"
Box 1: 60
Box 1: 61
"Cancellations (active)"
Box 1: 62
Cancellations, address changes
Box 1: 63
Box 1: 64
"Complimentary subscriptions"
Box 1: 65
Box 1: 66-73
"Cut off letter"
1967 Dec 12
Box 1: 74
"December bill recorded"
Box 1: 75
Box 3: 7
Box 2: 1
Forms (blank)
Box 2: 2
Forms, A-Z
Box 2: 3-4
Forms, Alabama-Wisconsin
Box 2: 5-7
Forms, New York City and Foreign
Box 2: 8
Forms, "New Subs"
Box 2: 9
Forms, sign-ups
Box 2: 10
"Free Presses, Magazines (code U)"
Box 2: 11
"Master Code List"
ca.1968 Jul
Box 2: 12
Membership list
Box 3: 8
Membership list requests
Box 2: 13
"Misc. Subscription Stuff"
1968 Apr
Box 2: 14
"Newsletter Subs"
Box 2: 15
"To Post"
Box 2: 16
"Postage Permit"
1968 Apr-Jul
Box 2: 17
"Problem File"
Box 2: 18
Record cards for members
Box 2: 19
"Returned Forms"
Box 2: 20
Subscribers lists
Box 2: 21
Subscription receipts book
1968 Apr-Dec
Box 3: 9
"We're Moved" notification
1967 Dec
Box 2: 22
"What is Liberation News Service"
Box 2: 23
Zig-Zag Cigarette Papers, A Marge and Dave Production (newsletter)
Box 2: 24
Series 2. Subject Files
1967-1977 (bulk1967-1969)
6 boxes (4.25 linear feet)
Box 3: 10
American Committee to Keep Biafra Alive
Box 3: 11
Amherst College
Box 3: 12
Box 3: 13
Black liberation, black power
Box 3: 14
Black Panthers
Box 3: 15
Black panthers, Newton, Huey P. Trial
Box 3: 16
Black panthers, Newton, Huey P. [halftone negative, photographs]
Box 3: 17

Two photographs of poor quality, and one halftone negative of Newton, reproduced in LNS Packet 107.

Book reviews
Box 3: 18
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
Box 3: 19
Box 3: 20
College and university events
Box 3: 21
College and university events - California
Box 3: 22
College and university events - Columbia University
1968 Mar-Aug
Box 3: 23-24
College and university events - Columbia University - Hamilton, Tom
1968 May-Jul
Box 3: 25
College and university events - Columbia University - NACLA publication "Who Rules Columbia"
1968 Jun
Box 4: 1
College and university events - Columbia University - Strike Coordinating Committee
1968 May-Jul
Box 4: 2
College and university events - New York
Box 4: 3

Includes two photographs from protests at New York University (NYU) over race issues and John Hatchett.

College and university events - Spain [photographs]
ca.1968 Mar-Apr
Box 4: 4

Three photographs of poor quality, covering protests in Seville and Madrid.

Community improvement, community operations
Box 4: 5
Conservative movement
Box 4: 6-7

Materials were together in a folder labeled "The Right." Includes four issues of the newsletter "Pardon Me, But…" whose purpose was "to expose Communism and those who are aiding its cause;" pamphlets and reports from Oak Forest University; three issues of the newspaper "La Liberti News" from central Massachusetts; one issue of "Free China Review;" the LNS article and draft of "Belch from the Right" by Art Rosenblum about the 6th Annual Rally for Conservative Americans; and a program for that rally. Also included are additional publications about Communism and conspiracy; anti-obscenity and pornography laws and decency activism; urban renewal; religion; and the Vietnam War.

Counterculture, the Left, revolution
Box 4: 8
David, Richard H. - allegations, correspondence, lawsuits
Box 4: 9
Democratic National Convention, Chicago
Box 4: 10

Includes three contact sheets with contact prints from several rolls of film.

Demonstrations - labor strikes
Box 4: 11
Demonstrations - love-ins, parades, protests, rallies
Box 4: 12
Demonstrations - Peace Parade Rally, New York City
1968 Apr
Box 4: 13
Demonstrations - Pentagon, jail brutality
1967 Oct-Nov
Box 4: 14
Demonstrations - Pentagon, mobilization
1967 Oct
Box 4: 15
Demonstrations - Pentagon, Washington D.C. [black-and-white negatives]
1967 Oct 21
Box 4: 16

Taken by Gerry Shea.

Demonstrations - Private Borne in picket line and arrested [photographs]
Box 4: 17

LNS Issue 107 notes that Private Bourne was picketing George Wallace's speech at the American Legion Convention in New Orleans, and was arrested by military policemen for alleged "failure to salute an officer."

Demonstrations - schools
Box 4: 18
Demonstrations - Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant [photograph]
Folder OS1
Box 4: 19
Environmentalism, toxicity
Box 4: 20
Famous Long Ago, Mungo, Ray - cover image [halftone negative]
Box 4: 21

Halftone negative of the original cover photograph of Famous Long Ago, depicting Mungo and Ellen Snyder re-enacting "American Gothic," taken by Peter Simon.

"Ginsberg Project" on Military Industrial Complex
Box 4: 22
Goodman, Paul
Box 4: 23
Gregory, Dick
1967 Aug
Box 4: 24
Haight Ashbury, San Francisco
Box 4: 25
Box 4: 26
Institute for Policy Studies
Box 4: 27
International - Africa
Box 4: 28

Includes material organized, sent by, and about Fritz Flesch, concerning the Jewish reaction and activities related to racial policies in South Africa.

International - Australia - Australian Christian Student Movement
Box 4: 29
International - Bolivia
Box 4: 30
International - Canada
1968 May
Box 4: 31
International - China, Korea, Thailand
Box 4: 32
International - Europe general, England, France, Greece
Box 4: 33
International - Germany
Box 4: 34
International - Israel, Palestine
Box 4: 35
International - Latin America general, Cuba, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Peru
Box 5: 1
International - Vietnam
Box 5: 2
International - Vietnam [halftone negatives]
Box 5: 3
International - Vietnam - Sommer, Mark: Diary of Mark Sommer trip to North Vietnam
1968 May
Box 5: 4

A 75 page typescript diary by Mark Sommer about his trip with three other students, Naomi Jaffe, Jon Stielstra, and David Tobis to North Vietnam in May 1968. Parts of the journal were reprinted as a story in LNS packet #86. Sommer has since retold this story on his website in a photo essay titled "Crossing Over, Coming Home" and in a feature length film, "The Healing Heart of Hanoi" about his trips there in 1968 and 2015.

Jones, LeRoi
1968 Mar
Box 5: 5
King, Martin Luther, Jr. - assassination
1968 Apr
Box 5: 6
Miscellaneous - halftone negatives
Box 10: 1-5
Miscellaneous - halftone negatives and paste-ups
Box 10: 10
Miscellaneous - mixed notes and content
Box 5: 7
Miscellaneous - metal printing masters
Box 11
Miscellaneous - photographs
Box 5: 8

Assorted photographs, including several of Dick Gregory, but most of which seem to be from the 1967 meeting of the United States Student Press Association (USSPA) where Marshall Bloom was purged as Director. Clif Garboden, of the Boston University student editorial office has been identified in one photograph.

Miscellaneous - photographs
Box 5: 9

Assorted photographs, including images of Dr. Spock at the 5th Avenue Peace Parade Committee feeder demonstration, riots in Harlem after the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., the Democratic National Convention in Chicago, a local 254 AFL-CIO strike, the student protest at the London School of Economics, confrontations with the police, and various protesters and protest movements.

Miscellaneous - work prints
Box 5: 10

Assorted work prints of LNS packet photographs, including protests and events in Paris, at Columbia University, after the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., and scenes in Vietnam.

Music - rock and roll
Box 5: 11
Music - rock and roll - MC5 - John Sinclair [photographs, halftone negatives]
Box 5: 12
New Orleans
Box 5: 13
News services - Collegiate Press Service
Box 5: 14
News services - high school underground newspapers
Box 5: 15
News services - LNS - advertisements, spoof advertisements, packet covers [halftone negatives]
Box 5: 16
News services - LNS - "April"
1968 Apr
Box 5: 17
News services - LNS - Burton, Steven - "Garrison Case"
Box 5: 18
News services - LNS - Connery, Colin
Box 5: 19

Topics covered include the Student Communications Network (SCN) and the underground press.

News services - LNS - Diamond, Steve
Box 5: 20

Topics covered include Columbia University, music, and the underground press.

News services - LNS - "Extra Sheets"
Box 5: 21
News services - LNS - "March 1968 stories mailed out"
1968 Mar
Box 5: 22
News services - LNS - Packet 87-88
1968 Jul
Box 5: 23
News services - LNS - Packet 89
1968 Jul
Box 5: 24
News services - LNS - Packet 90
1968 Jul
Box 5: 25
News services - LNS - Packet 105
1968 Sep
Box 5: 26
News services - LNS - Packet 107 [halftone negative]
1968 Sep
Box 5: 27
News services - LNS - Riggins, Rodger
Box 5: 28

Topics covered include art, jazz, race, and society.

News services - LNS - Sluiter, Steve - political cartoons [halftone negatives]
Box 5: 29
News services - LNS - Telex printouts
1968 Jan-Mar
Box 6: 1
News services - LNS - Telex printouts
1968 Apr
Box 6: 2-4
News services - LNS - Telex printouts
1968 May
Box 6: 5
News services - LNS - Telex printouts - "Resistance draft card turn in"
1968 Apr 3
Box 6: 6
News services - LNS - Telex printouts - "Student strikes"
1968 Apr 26
Box 6: 7
News services - LNS - Young, Allen
Box 6: 8

Topics covered include politics and South America. For more copy by Young see "World Youth Festival, Sofia, Bulgaria."

News services - Newsreel
Box 6: 9
News services - press releases - Department of Defense
1968 Feb
Box 6: 10
News services - press releases - Department of State
1968 Apr-Sep
Box 6: 11
News services - press releases - United States Atomic Energy Commission
1968 Apr
Box 6: 12
News services - Student Communications Network (SCN)
Box 6: 13
News services - Student Communications Network (SCN) Berkeley
Box 6: 14
News services - underground press
Box 6: 15
News services - WBAI News Experiment
Box 6: 16
Organizing Committee for Clemency for Sirhan
1968 Jun
Box 6: 17
Box 6: 18

Assorted pamphlets including: "The Alliance for Progress… an American Partnership" by the Agency for International Development; "The Freedom Charter" by the African National Congress; "Fuck the Police" on free New York by the Youth International Party; and "Marxism & Students" by the Leeds University Union Marxist Society.

Pamphlets - Vietnam War
Box 6: 19

Pamphlets include: "Black Book on US War Crimes in South Vietnam" edited by the Committee for the Denunciation of War Crimes Committed by the US Imperialists and their Henchmen in South Vietnam; "How 'The Silent Center' Will Seek Peace with Freedom" from the Citizens Committee for Peace with Freedom in Vietnam; "Resistance and Repression" from the Students for a Democratic Society; and "Vietnam: The Dirty War" by Housmans, the International Booksellers.

Peace and Freedom Party
Box 6: 20
Box 6: 21
Box 6: 22
Politics and politicians
Box 6: 23
Politics and politicians - Pool, Joseph
Box 6: 24
Poor People's Campaign
Box 6: 25
Poor People's Campaign - Resurrection City [halftone negatives]
ca.1968 May-Jun
Box 6: 26
Folder OS1

Includes three advertisements for Butler's Dollar Day Specials; a poster for the November 8-10, 1968 music festival at The Avalon Ballroom, in San Francisco, CA, featuring performances by Mother Earth with Kaleidoscope, A.B. Skhy, and Garden of Delights (artist: Jerry Wainwright) with a short message written to Martin Bloom on the back; a 1972 poster by Eduardo Muñoz Bachs for the Japanese animated film El Imperio Submarino (Underwater Empire) directed by Takeshi Tamiya; and a reprint of an original Political Department of the Ministry of the Interior of Communist Cuba and GRANMA, the newspaper of the Cuban Communist Regime, "No Reconcilation" poster by The Truth about Cuba Committee, INC.

Protest movement - guides and training
Box 6: 27
Protest movement - peace and war resistance
Box 6: 28

Folder of materials and book lists from various organizations, including Friends Peace Committee, Promoting Enduring Peace, Inc., Students for a Democratic Society, Student Union for Peace Action, and the War Resisters League, mailed to Connie Lanham in Houston, TX, who was Secretary of the Student Humanist Association.

Protest movement - peace and war resistance
Box 6: 29
Recall Regan Committee [photographs]
1968 Jul
Box 6: 30
Sobell, Morton and Rosenberg case
Box 6: 31
Student Mobilization Committee (SMC)
1968 May-Jul
Box 6: 32
Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) - Brown, H. Rap
Box 6: 33
Box 6: 34
Tijerina, Reis Lopez
Box 6: 35
Un-American Activities Committees
Box 7: 1
Vietnam War - anti-war [halftone negatives]
Box 7: 2
Vietnam War - draft resistance - black movement
Box 7: 3
Vietnam War - draft resistance - conscientious objectors
Box 7: 4
Vietnam War - draft resistance - The Milwaukee 14 [photographs]
1968 Sep
Box 7: 5

Image of selective service files on fire in a public square.

Image of firefighters turning hoses on burning documents.

Image of policemen, arms crossed, standing in entryway.

Image of four activists (l. to r.: Donald Cotton, Gerald Gardner, Doug Marvy, Jon Higgenbotham), arms around one another, one flashing the peace sign.

Image of draft records burning on the square.

ca.1968 Sep 24

Image of the activists taken at the scene: (l. to r.) Gerald Gardner, Bob Graf, Jim Forest, Fr. Larry Rosebaugh, Brother Basil O’Leary, Rev. Jon Higgenbotham, Donald Cotton, Fr. James Harney, Fr. Alfred Janicke, Fred Ogile, Michael Cullen, Fr. Tony Mullaney, Fr. Robert Cunnane and Doug Marvy.

ca.1968 Sep 24

Close up portrait of Father James Harney, a Catholic priest from Boston and member of the Milwaukee 14.

ca.1968 Sep 24

Close up portrait of Father Anthony Mullaney, a Catholic priest from Boston and member of the Milwaukee 14.

Close up portrait of Father Robert Cunnane, a Catholic priest from Boston and member of the Milwaukee 14.

Image of Father Alfred Janicke and Brother Basil O'Leary (l. to r.), Catholic clergymen and members of the Milwaukee 14.

ca.1968 Sep 24

Image of police officer arresting Fr. James Harney and Fr. Robert Cunnane (l. to r.), Catholic priests and members of the Milwaukee 14.

Image of police officers arresting Donald Cotton, Gerald Gardner, Doug Marvy, and Jon Higgenbotham (l. to r.), members of the Milwaukee 14.

Image of police officer frisking Jon Higgenbotham, member of the Milwaukee 14.

Image of police officers frisking Jon Higgenbotham, member of the Milwaukee 14.

Image of firefighters after extinguishing the blaze set by the Milwaukee 14 to burn draft records.

Image of draft records burned by the Milwaukee 14.

Image of draft records burned by the Milwaukee 14.

Image of crowd of police and protesters.

Image of entrance to the building where the Milwaukee 14 burned draft records.

Vietnam War - draft resistance - New York
Box 7: 6
Vietnam War - draft resistance - The Resistance
Box 7: 7
Vietnam War - draft resistance and military desertion
Box 7: 8
Women's movement
Box 7: 9
World Youth Festival, Sofia, Bulgaria
1968 Jul-Aug
Box 7: 10

Includes LNS copy and several photographs from the event, including those of an unofficial demonstration sponsored by dissident leftist and led by German SDS, a march by "Spontaneous Bulgarian Workers" (SBW) to break up the unofficial leftist demonstration, and a press conference of United States deserters from Sweden, led by Bill Jones.

Youth International Party (Yippies)
Box 7: 11

Includes photograph of Jerry Rubin.

Series 3. Serials and Clippings
2 boxes (.75 linear feet)
ADA World Magazine (Americans for Democratic Action)
1966 Dec
Box 2: 25

Outline summary of "A Freedom Budget for All."

The American Abroad (London)
1968 Jun 15
Box 2: 26
Americong (Resurrection City)
Box 2: 27
Amherst Record
1968 Nov 6
Box 7: 12
The Amherst Student (Amherst College)
1968 Feb 1
Box 2: 28
1968 Sep
Box 2: 29
Army Digest
1967 Oct
Box 2: 30
ASP (Appalachian Student Press)
1969 Jan
Box 2: 31
Avatar (Boston, MA)
Box 2: 32
Avatar (New York, NY)
1968 Apr-Aug
Box 2: 33
Black Newark
1968 Apr
Box 2: 34
Black Theatre
Box 2: 35
Bowditch Review (Student Communications Network (SCN))
1968 Jul 12
Box 2: 36
The British Independent
Box 10: 6

Published by The Racial Preservation Society.

Canadians for the National Liberation Front of South Vietnam
1968 Aug
Box 2: 37
Carta Editorial
1968 Jul 29
Box 2: 38
China Report
1967 Nov
Box 2: 39
The Christian Science Monitor
1968 Nov
Box 7: 13
Community Action Committee (CAC) Newsletter
1968 Jul 16
Box 2: 40
Conn Census (Connecticut College)
1968 Oct 29
Box 2: 41
The Crusader (Peking, China)
1967 Dec
Box 2: 42

Newsletter of Robert F. Williams.

Daily World
1968 Oct 29
Box 2: 43
Democratic German Report
1968 May 29
Box 2: 44
Desolation Row Times
1971 Apr 26
Box 2: 45
Despite Everything Quarterly: Student Communications Network Supplement
Box 2: 46

"The Thirty Theses of May of the Sorbonne Students & Marcuse in Paris."

The East Village Other
1967 Nov
Box 7: 14

Cover is a collage, which includes an image of Marshall Bloom burning his draft card, and the caption "Girls say yes to men who say no."

The Evening News and Star (London)
1966 Sep 6
Box 7: 15
Gordon Free News (Gordon Junior High School)
Box 10: 7
Guerrilla: The Free Newspaper of the Streets (broadsides)
Folder OS1
1968 Jun
Box 2: 47
Hyde Park-Kenwood Voices
1967 Nov
Box 7: 16
I. F. Stone's Weekly
1968 Feb 19
Box 2: 48
Information Department - Committee for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries (Hanoi)
Box 7: 17
Kaleidoscope (Milwaukee, WI)
1968 Aug
Box 7: 18
The Journal (The Council for Higher Education)
1968 Apr
Box 2: 49
1968 Aug 30
Box 10: 8
The Louisville Cardinal (University of Louisville)
1967 Dec
Box 2: 50
The Massachusetts Daily Collegian (University of Massachusetts)
1971 Apr 7
Box 2: 51
Le Monde (Paris)
1968 Jan 25
Box 7: 19
Motive (The United Methodist Church)
1968 Jan
Box 2: 52
The Nation
1968 Nov 4
Box 2: 53
Nation Building in Vietnam (Agency for International Development)
1967 Feb
Box 2: 54

"Selected articles from American newspapers and magazines about the U.S. economic assistance program in Vietnam."

The New Leader
1969 Feb 3
Box 2: 55
New Statesman
1967 Oct 13
Box 7: 20
New York
1968 Apr 22
Box 2: 56

"Special Report: The City on the Eve of Destruction," about the aftermath of the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.

New York Free Press
1968 Jun 13
Box 2: 57

Contains a half page LNS subscription advertisement.

The News (Boston University)
1968 Oct 30
Box 2: 58
La Paz/Peace News
1968 Jul 28
Box 2: 59
Peace News (London)
Box 2: 60
The Peacemaker
1971 Sep-Oct
Box 2: 61
Point of View (Cleveland)
Box 2: 62
Private Eye (London)
1966 Nov 11
Box 2: 63
Pterodactyl (Grinnell College)
1969 Mar 13
Box 2: 64
Quicksilver Times
1971 Apr-May
Box 7: 21

Focus is on May Day protests.

Box 2: 65-66
Rojo Negro
1968 Oct
Box 2: 67
Rolling Stone
1971 Jan 21
Box 2: 68
The San Francisco Chronicle
1969 Mar-Apr
Box 7: 22
SDS New Left Notes (Chicago)
1968 Feb 12
Box 2: 69
Sears, Roebuck and Co. Home Movie Catalog
Box 10: 9
Small Change
Box 2: 70
Solidarity (London)
1967 Apr 3
Box 2: 71
The South End (Wayne State University)
1967 Oct-Nov
Box 2: 72
Southern Africa
1968 Jan
Box 2: 72
The Spectator
1967 Oct 23
Box 2: 74
Sports World
1968 Mar
Box 2: 75
Spotlight on South Africa
1967 Aug-Sep
Box 2: 76

"News digest compiled by the African National Congress of South Africa."

Springfield Herald (Springfield, MA)
1968 Sep 26
Box 2: 77
The Sunday Express London
1967 Apr 16
Box 7: 23
This Week Magazine
1968 Nov 3
Box 2: 78
The Thunderbolt
1968 Aug
Box 2: 79
The Times (London)
1967 Feb 23
Box 2: 80
Town Crier (Greenfield, MA)
1968 Nov 11
Box 7: 24
Treason (Free School of New York)
Box 2: 81
Veterans' Stars & Stripes For Peace
ca.1967 Nov
Box 7: 25
The View From Here
Box 2: 82

Includes December 1967 list of members of the Underground Press Syndicate (UPS).

The Wall Street Journal
1968 Nov 5
Box 7: 26
The Washington Daily News
1968 Feb 16
Box 7: 27
The Washington Post Potomac
1968 Mar 17
Box 2: 83

Special issue on "Dissecting the Disaffected," including articles and photos: "Snap-Shots: How the Working Hippies Live" focused on the Washington Free Community, which mentions LNS; "Brain Power to the Disaffected" about the Institute for Policy Studies; and "Broadside to the Alienated: Washington's Underground Press" about The Washington Free Press.

Washington Spring
ca.1971 Apr
Box 8: 1

Focus is on May Day protests.

The Williams Record (Williams College)
1968 Nov 5
Box 2: 84
World News Digest
1968 Feb
Box 2: 85
Clippings - African Americans, blacks, racism
Box 8: 2
Clippings - Arts, entertainment
Box 8: 3
Clippings - Colleges, universities, students
Box 8: 4
Clippings - Counterculture, marches, protests
Box 8: 5
Clippings - Crime, police
Box 8: 6
Clippings - Democratic National Convention, Chicago, IL
Box 8: 7
Clippings - Drugs
Box 8: 8
Clippings - "Financial"
Box 8: 9
Clippings - International
Box 8: 10-11
Clippings - Miscellaneous
Box 8: 12
Clippings - News media, Liberation News Service, underground press
Box 8: 13
Clippings - Liberation News Service
1967 Oct
Box 8: 14

Assembled packet of photocopies from various underground and student newspapers featuring LNS stories. The LNS credit is highlighted in each.

Clippings - Politicians
Box 8: 15
Clippings - Religion
Box 8: 16
Clippings - Science
Box 8: 17
Clippings - Vietnam War
Box 8: 18
Clippings - Vietnam War - draft resistance
Box 8: 19
Vietnam War - draft resistance - Massachusetts, Arlington Street Church
1968 May
Box 8: 20
Clippings - Western Massachusetts
Box 8: 21
Clippings - Women
Box 8: 22
Series 4. Liberation News Service Issues
1 box (1 linear foot)
Packets, unnumbered
1967 Sep-Oct
Box 9: 1-2
Packets 11-15
1967 Nov
Box 9: 3-4
Packets 16-23
1967 Dec
Box 9: 5-6
Packets 24-34
1968 Jan
Box 9: 7-8
Packets 39-47
1968 Feb
Box 9: 9-10
Packets 48-51, 53-56, 58
1968 Mar
Box 9: 11-12
Packets 62-70
1968 Apr
Box 9: 13-14
Packets 71-76
1968 May
Box 9: 15-16
Packets 79-86
1968 Jun
Box 9: 17-18
Packets 87-96
1968 Jul
Box 9: 19-20
Packets 97-103
1968 Aug
Box 9: 21-22
Packets 104-109
1968 Sep
Box 9: 23-24
Packets 110-114
1968 Oct
Box 9: 25-26
Packets 115-117
1968 Nov
Box 9: 27-28
Packets 118-120
1968 Dec-1969 Jan
Box 9: 29-30
"The 1968 Campaign, by Steve Sluiter" [cartoons]
Box 9: 31

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