Committee to Defend Johnny Imani Harris Collection

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Call no.: MS 1171
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Administrative records of the Committee to Defend Johnny Imani Harris, which supported efforts to free Imani (aka Johnny Harris) from death row in Alabama in the late 1970s early 1980s. Originally sentenced to five life terms for 4 small robberies and an alleged rape in 1970, Imani was eventually given the death penalty under Alabama’s capital offenses law due to an inadequate defense by his court appointed lawyers. Harris was put in the brutal Atmore Prison, where he experienced extreme racism, poor medical care, overcrowding, and slave wages. In 1972 the inmates organized a group called Inmates for Action (IFA) and led a work stoppage of over 1,200 prisoners. The prisoners were beaten by guards and the strike leaders were placed in isolation. Two years later, in 1974 an IFA member was beaten to death by guards. The prisoners reacted by capturing a cellblock and taking two guards hostage. In the ensuing take-back by the prison, a guard and IFA leader were killed. Harris and others were charged with the guard’s death. Imani was convicted of the murder and sentenced to death.

The Committee worked throughout the 1970’s and 1980s for Harris’ freedom through endorsements, fundraising, and networking to national and international groups. Thanks to the participation of Amnesty International and other groups, Harris’s murder conviction was dismissed in 1987 after a new trial and he was given parole.

Background on The Committee to Defend Johnny Imani Harris

The Atmore-Holman Brothers Defense Committee was formed in 1974 following a violent rebellion in January 1974 at the Atmore-Holman Prisons in southern Alabama led by the Inmates For Action (IFA), a union created by prisoners in hopes of achieving more humane living and working conditions in the prisons.

The rebellion started with guards at the Holman prison beating IFA inmate Tommy Yukeena Dotson, after which inmates at the Atmore unit across the street took two guards hostage. In the ensuing take-back, prison guard Luell Barrow was killed. Also killed was IFA chairman George Chagina Dobbins, the chief negotiator for the inmates. Around forty inmates were later indicted for Barrow’s death and the rebellion, but no one was indicted for the death of George Dobbins. Evidence later emerged implicating the warden in the death of Dobbins. Several of the indictments were dropped, and by February 10, 1975 there were nine defendants left indicted for the death of Barrow. These men became known as the Atmore-Holman Brothers, and their cases were the sole focus of the Atmore-Holman Brothers Defense Committee.

One of the defendants, Johnny Imani Harris, was sentenced to death under an 1862 statute in which a prisoner- already serving a life sentence- convicted of first degree murder would receive the death penalty. Harris was previously sentenced to five life terms for 4 small robberies and an alleged rape in 1970. An investigation sponsored by Imani’s defense team revealed that these earlier charges stemmed from a conspiracy between the Ku Klux Klan and Birmingham police officers to remove Imani’s family from a previously all-white neighborhood. In the prison case, Imani was tried by an all-white jury and was found guilty for Barrow’s death. Following the verdict, the other eight inmates agreed that the focus of the Atmore-Holman Brothers Defense Committee should be on Harris’ case. From that point forward, the committee was renamed the Committee to Defend Johnny Imani Harris and Stop the Death Penalty. The case became an international cause célèbre.

These records were assembled by Tom Gardner, a civil rights and union organizer/journalist and reflect his dedicated work for the Committee. Gardner’s work for the Defense Committee included: fundraising and public outreach efforts, (showcased in this collection through numerous petitions, newsletters, and correspondence); attending trials; communicating with Johnny and his legal team; and other administrative tasks. Gardner grew the Committee to aid other victims of capital punishment, including John Louis Evans and other prisoners who contacted the Committee asking for help. Alongside Tom Gardner were members Steven Whitman, Teresa Perry, and members of the Birmingham-based Families for Action. Whitman was a key organizer of earlier defense efforts and the A-H Brothers Defense Committee, and invited Gardner to come to Alabama to help organize the defense effort. Susan Schneur was co-director and paralegal for much of the defense efforts in relation to the trials. Also supportive were Alabama Prison Project Director Jennifer Johnston, and later Cathy Ansheles, as well as Southern Poverty Law Center researcher Bill Stanton. Attorneys involved were Morris Dees at Imani’s original trial and later Bill Allison, Diana Hicks, and Clint Brown, among others- whose efforts are also reflected in this collection. The collection is organized into four series: Correspondence, Administrative, Legal, Outreach/Publicity/Publications. The collection also includes material on other defense efforts in the South that occurred in the same time frame and that Gardner was involved in. These include the Joann Little case, the Charlotte 3 case, the Wilmington 10 case, the Dessie Woods and Cheryl Todd case, the Dawson 5 case, and others.

Scope of collection

This collection, donated by Tom Gardner, represents the efforts of both the Atmore-Holman Brothers Defense Committee and the Committee to Defend Johnny Imani Harris and Stop the Death Penalty. It contains correspondence, legal filings, press releases, contact lists, fliers, financial documents, and material representing efforts by the Committee to raise awareness and generate financial and name support. There is both mainstream and left wing media coverage of the cases represented in clippings, magazines, and newspapers. Gardner wrote several articles on the case, which are represented in their final printed form and in hand and typewritten drafts. Gardner also took copious notes about the Committee's work on legal pads. The collection also documents Gardner's parallel involvement in the larger left-wing movement and its attempts to link labor struggles and racism through pamphlets, correspondence, publications, booklets, and newsletters. The collection offers a unique window into the political atmosphere of the post-civil rights era in Alabama and the South more generally, and how struggles for equal treatment under the law for Black Americans were not over.

Series descriptions

2 boxes

This series contains correspondence from and to members of the Committee, the legal team, and supporters. There is one folder of correspondence related to a Time Magazine article on Imani that was highly criticized.

3.5 boxes

The material is this series represents the extensive administrative work of the Committee. This includes drafts of articles and speeches as well as meeting minutes, press contacts, and notes taken by Gardner during trial hearings or meetings. There are typical administrative documents such as outlines, to-do lists, contact lists, and financial documents. There is also evidence of fund-raising appeals in mailing lists and circular letters. Gardner's notes and drafts of articles and press conference speeches are also contained in this series.

1 box

The legal series includes affidavits, court transcripts, legal statements, interviews, and testimonies related to the Atmore-Holmes, Imani, Jesse David Jett, John Louis Evans and related cases.

The bulk of this series represents the extensive outreach and publicity efforts of the Committee manifested through newspaper articles about the case, photographs, petitions, pamphlets, fliers, buttons, posters, and press releases. There is a comprehensive collection of local, national, and international coverage of the case represented through clippings and newspapers. There are also several publications with articles about the cases or issues related to prisons, the death penalty, or Alabama politics.

2 boxes (1.88 linear feet)

This series contains prints and negatives of photographs documenting several events related to the Atmore-Holman Brothers, Imani and other solidarity rallies for the Dessie Woods, Cheryl Todd, Wilmington 10, and JoAnn Little cases as well as Ku Klux Klan protests and counter demonstrations. There are also photos of the legal team, Imani's family, court appearances, and associated events. An off-air videotape recording of Ted Koppel's story on Imani and an audio recording of testimony from an Alabama Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on a death penalty are also included.


Series 1. Correspondence
Box: Folder
Allison, Bill
1975 Apr.-1982 Feb., undated
Box 1: 1.
Conyers, John; Days, Drew S.; Dellums, Ron; Edwards, Don
1975 Mar.-1979 Feb.
Box 1: 2.
Correspondence regarding Time Magazine article
1978 Apr.
Box 1: 3.
Gardner, Tom
1974 Aug.-1978 Oct.
Box 1: 4.
Gardner, Tom
1979 Jan.-1993, undated
Box 1: 5.
General, legal
1974 Aug.-1983
Box 1: 6.
Golos, Veronica; Howe, Bob
1974 Jun.-Jul.
Box 1: 7.
Harris, Johnny Imani
1977 Feb.-1979 Oct.
Box 1: 8.
Harris, Johnny Imani
1980 Jan.-2000.
Box 1: 9.
Hicks, Diana, H.
1978 Oct.-1981 May
Box 1: 10.
Johnny Harris parole violation: Correspondence, notes, fundraising list
Box 1: 11.
Johnston, Jennifer
1982 Aug.-1983 Apr.
Box 1: 12.
Schaffer, Karl
1976 Mar.-Apr.
Box 1: 13.
Supporters: Atmore Holman Brothers Defense Committee/Committee to Defend Johnny Imani Harris
1976 Jul.-1980 Nov.
Box 1: 14.
Series 2. Administrative
Box: Folder
Address and finances book
Box 2: 1.
A.H. Bros. Def. Comm.- Literature: Drafts, correspondence, press releases
1975 Feb.-1977 Mar.
Box 2: 2.
A.H. Bros.- (N.Y.) Defense Committee New York meeting minutes and meeting date announcements
Box 2: 3.
A.H. Bros. Press contacts/correspondence
1974 Nov.-1975 Jul.
Box 2: 4.
Alabama Appellate Courts: Supreme Court of Criminal Appeals: court of civil appeals booklet
Box 2: 5.
Alabama's Atticas IFA statement
Box 2: 6.
Atmore-Holman reports to NFS
1975 Jan. 21-1975 Oct. 29
Box 2: 7.
Brewton- Escambia county, Alabama maps, information packets on Brewton and Escambia county
1973 Jul.
Box 2: 8.
Capital punishment study resource
Box 2: 9.
Box 2: 10.
Committee to Defend Johnny Imani Harris: Fundraising appeal, messages
Box 2: 11.
Defense Committee mailing/calling lists
Box 2: 12.
Defense committee sponsors
1979 Feb. 1
Box 2: 13.
Duncan, Dick. Dr.: "Building the Better Bandaid"
1980 Jan.
Box 2: 14.
Film Fund: Application for media project grant, storyboard
Box 2: 15.
Finance Committee: Statements, receipts, invoices, correspondence, minutes
Box 2: 16.
Gardner, Tom: Proposal for a party organizing drive in the South: Handwritten notes
Box 2: 17.
Inmates for Action IFA: demands, 15 point program, correspondence
Box 2: 18.
Institute for Southern Studies: Death penalty information packet
Box 3: 1.
John Evans interview- bar notice
1982 Nov.-1983 Jul.
Box 3: 2.
Letter to Conyers, committee, justice dept., etc.
Box 3: 3.
Mailing labels and contacts
Box 12
Mallory, Mae: Letters From Prison: The Story of a Frame-Up
Box 15: 1.
Money receipts
Box 3: 4.
Montgomery Police Department radio codes
Box 3: 5.
National Lawyers Guild: International Human Rights
Box 3: 6.
Notes for articles on Klan member running for sheriff
Box 15: 2.
Other Left groups: Invitations, chant, circular letters, biographies
Box 3: 7.
Petitions- Imani Defense Committee, signed
Box 3: 8.
Plaia, Joe; Wilson, Don: "Corrections in Alabama" report
1979 Aug. 27
Box 3: 9.
Possible article ideas
Box 3: 10.
Press contacts
Box 3: 11.
Press contacts and Atmore-Holman press list
1978 Feb.- 1978 Mar.
Box 3: 12.
Prison speech- guild road show
Box 3: 13.
SCEF mailings/Patriot articles A.H. Bros. Defense Committee
1974 Oct.-1984 Dec.
Box 3: 14.
Script material ed slide show, prison statistics
1978 Oct.-1979 Sep.
Box 3: 15.
Scripts: Imani, Criminal Justice in Alabama - Can Prisons Do the Job?
1980, 1993
Box 3: 16.
"A Series of Articles on Alabama Prisons" from the Montgomery Advertiser and Alabama Journal
Box 3: 17.
Southern Conference Educational Fund (SCEF): "Partial Minority Report on July 7 Interim Committee Meeting" submitted by Tom Gardner
Box 3: 18.
Support statement to SCLC - Decatur March from Johnny Imani Harris on Death Row-Holman Prison, Alabama
1979 Jun. 8
Box 3: 19.
Tom Gardner handwritten notes on case
Box 3: 20.
Tom Gardner notes: agenda, meeting notes
Box 3: 21.
Tom Gardner notes: article drafts, Imani case notes
Box 3: 22.
Tom Gardner: article drafts, to-dos
Box 3: 23.
Tom Gardner notes: Atmore-Holman trial
Box 3: 24.
Tom Gardner notes: defense committee
Box 3: 25.
Tom Gardner notes: John Louis Evans statements, responses
Box 3: 26.
Tom Gardner notes: Jonny Imani Harris case
Box 4: 1.
Tom Gardner notes: legal
Box 4: 2.
Tom Gardner notes: legal
Box 4: 3.
Tom Gardner notes: legal notes, press memos
Box 4: 4.
Tom Gardner notes: outreach lists, article drafts, photograph developing
Box 4: 5.
Tom Gardner notes: press conferences, scheduling, interviews, article drafts
Box 4: 6.
Tom Gardner notes: prison statistics, article drafts, contacts
Box 4: 7.
Tom Gardner notes: scheduling, letters to John Evans, to-dos
1978 Feb.
Box 4: 8.
Tom Gardner notes: to-dos, article drafts, Imani Harris case notes
Box 4: 9.
Tom Gardner notes: to-dos, article drafts, ideas
Box 5: 1.
Tom Gardner notes: to-dos, book notes, article drafts
Box 5: 2.
Tom Gardner notes: to-dos, things to remember
Box 5: 3.
Tom Gardner notes: TVC storyboard, committee finances, publicity
Box 5: 4.
Unidentified author: "Interpretive Literacy Composition Dealing with a Subject from Personal Point of View" essay on death penalty
Box 5: 5.
Washington Post article drafts, ideas, notes, resources
Box 5: 6.
Wash. D.C. Imani talk
1978 Jun. 11
Box 5: 7.
Watt Espy's testimony on capital punishment
1979 Jun.
Box 5: 8.
Worker's World Newspapers: Article guidelines
Box 5: 9.
Series 3. Legal
Box: Folder
Affidavit, Bernadette Sides
1978 Jun. 9
Box 5: 10.
Affidavits of Arthur Dreadin and Marion B. Harding
1974 Feb.
Box 5: 11.
Affidavits of Billy Ray Hastings and James Baggett
1979 Mar.
Box 5: 12.
Anne Wailes, medical reports: interviews with Magic City citizens
1978 Mar.-1978 Apr.
Box 5: 13.
Betty Evans v. Larry Bennett
1979 Apr. 03
Box 5: 14.
Court transcripts, summaries, arguments
Box 5: 15.
Deaths of George Dobbins/Tommy Dotson: Exhibits, petition, correspondence
Box 5: 16.
Jerry Lee Pugh v. Judson C. Locke Jr. et al.
1976 Jan. 13
Box 5: 17.
Jerry Lee Pugh v. Judson C. Locke Jr. et al./Wilcox County Commission v. Melba Till Allen et al.: Committee for Prisoner Support in Birmingham (CPSB) reprint
1976 Apr. 22
Box 5: 18.
Jerry Wayne Jacobs v. Judson L. Locke et al.
1978 Jul.
Box 5: 19.
Jesse David Jett: Testimony, affidavits, notes, correspondence, memoranda
Box 5: 20.
John Lewis Evans: Motions, execution order, media guidelines
Box 5: 21.
Johnny Harris death row fact sheet
Box 6: 1.
Johnny Harris lack of adequate legal council summary
1978 Apr.
Box 6: 1.
Johnny Harris v. State of Alabama: civil actions, petitions, memorandums
Box 6: 2.
Johnny Harris stay of execution: Order, mailgrams, petition
1978 Feb.-Mar.
Box 6: 3.
Johnny Harris v. State of Alabama: Civil actions, petitions, memorandums
Box 6: 4.
Jury summons and list of names
1975 Nov. 3
Box 6: 5.
Letter from FBI to Gene Guerro/ACLU regarding FOIA request
1978 Nov. 9
Box 6: 6.
Parade permits from city of Decatur, Alabama
1979 Jun.
Box 6: 7.
Presentation of Chief Justice H. E. Nichols of the Unified Appeal Procedure to the Mid-Winter Conference of Chief Justices: Transcript
1979 Feb. 12
Box 6: 8.
R. G. Britton: Reports to Governor Fob James
1979 May-Jun.
Box 6: 9.
Reasons for inmates in segregation at Atmore on Jan 18, 1974
Box 6: 10.
Supreme Court of Alabama plan for news media coverage
1978 May 2
Box 6: 11.
Table 4, "Sentenced Inmates, by Offense and Race", from Profile of State Prison Inmates
1979 Aug.
Box 6: 12.
Testimony of Coretta Scott King before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee hearings to establish rational criteria for the imposition of the death penalty
1978 May
Box 6: 13.
Thomas Gardner v. David Brierton and Louie L. Wainwright: motion and correspondence
1979 May 22-1979 Jun. 13
Box 6: 14.
Tom Gardner request for media coverage in the Supreme Court of Alabama
1976 Nov. 8
Box 6: 15.
Writ of Errr Coaram (sic) Nobis and/or motion for relief from judgement in 10th Judicial Circuit Court. B'ham Jeff. County Ala.
Box 6: 16.
Series 4. Outreach/Publicity/Publications
Box: Folder
ACAH Herald vol. 1, no. 1
Box 9
A-H Bros. articles- Worker's World
1975 Feb.-1978 May
Box 6: 17.
A-H Atmore-Holman press clippings
Box 6: 18.
A-H Bros/Johnny Harris: Circular letters, pamphlets, petitions, funding appeals
Box 6: 19.
Alabama Prison Project newsletter vol. 1, no. 1
Box 9
Alabama Prison Project, Conference on Capital Punishment: Conference schedule, clippings, fact sheets, petitions
1979 Apr.
Box 6: 20.
Ala./U.S. prison conditions: Clippings
Box 6: 21.
Atlanta Gazette vol. 5, no. 33
1979 Apr. 15
Box 9
Bedford Hills resistance/rebellion: Circular letter, leaflet, pamphlet
Box 6: 22.
Blimes, Trevor The Great Rebellion to Come/Freedom Chorale 7" 45rpm record (multiple copies)
Box 10
Booklets/ Pamphlets on capital punishment
Box 6: 23.
The Case of the Atmore-Holman Brothers and the IFA Murder and Repression in Alabama Prisons Inmates for Action Defense Fund newspaper
Box 9
Chicago Defender vol. 73, no. 213 Johnny Imani Harris article
1978 Mar. 6
Box 9
Committee stamps
Box 11
CPSB Newsletter Issue 4
1974 Nov.
Box 9
CPSB Newsletter Issue 5
1975 Apr.
Box 9
CPSB Newsletter Issue 7
1975 Dec.
Box 9
Death penalty, Ku Klux Klan, racist violence, Alabama politics: Clippings
Box 7: 1.
Defend Imani (Johnny Harris) Stop the Death Penalty poster
Box 9
Defend Imani (Johnny Harris) Stop the Death Penalty public meeting at All Souls Church poster
1978 May
Box 9
Defend Imani t-shirt
Box 10
Defend Imani banner
Box 10
Free the Houston 12 Houston 12 Defense Committee newspaper
Box 9
"Free the Atmore-Holman Brothers: implement the IFA demands" poster
Box 9
"Free Imani, End the Death Penalty" button
Box 11
Gardner, Tom: Articles, Drafts
Box 7: 2.
Gardner, Tom: Articles, Drafts, press release drafts
Box 7: 3.
The Guardian vol. 30 no. 31 with Johnny Imani Harris article
1978 May 10
Box 9
Harris publicity analysis: "Original" articles
Box 7: 4.
[John Louis Evans: press releases, statements, appeals, article drafts, circular letters, notes, pamphlets, clippings]
Box 7: 5.
Inner City News vol. 3, no. 13
1979 Mar. 31
Box 9
In These Times vol. 2, no. 19
1978 Mar. 29- Apr. 4
Box 9
"Jesus Was Once Asked for His Support of the Death Penalty. His Reply: Let One Who Is Without Sin Cast the first Stone" Mennonite Central Committee poster
Box 9
Jobs Not Jails National Moratorium on Prison Construction bumper sticker
Box 9
[Johnny Imani Harris/A.H. Bros: Newspaper clippings/articles]
Box 7: 6.
[Johnny Imani Harris/A.H. Bros: Newspaper clippings/articles]
Box 7: 7.
Johnny Imani Harris: Circulars, leaflets, fliers
1974 Jan-1981 Jun.
Box 8: 1.
The justice system and the Church/Christianity: Articles, newsletters, resolutions
Box 8: 2.
Key to Colonial Manor Motel in Brewton, Alabama
Box 11
"Killing is Killing Oppose Capital Punishment" bumper sticker
Box 9
Lindquist, Charles A., Ph.D. : Reported Crime and the Attrition of Cases in the Criminal Justice System. University of Alabama at Birmingham
Box 8: 3.
Montgomery Gazette and Advertiser, Mobile Register, Fort Lauderdale Westside Gazette newspaper excerpts on John Evans, Johnny Harris
Box 9
Morris Dees: articles
1975-1980 Jan.
Box 8: 4.
New National Black Monitor vol. 4, no. 3
1979 Mar.
Box 9
The People's Crusader vol. 39, no. 13
1979 Jul. 20
Box 9
[Press releases: IFA/Committee to Defend Imani]
1974 Oct.-1983 Apr.
Box 8: 5.
[Prisoner support groups: circular letters, pamphlets, newsletters, fliers]
Box 8: 6.
[Prisoner support groups: Circular letters, pamphlets, newsletters, fliers]
Box 8: 7.
[Reidsville march press + publicity releases]
Box 8: 8.
[Unidentified author: "The Southern Worker: A Pawn in their Game?", draft]
Box 8: 9.
Southern Coalition Report on Jails and Prisons vol. 3, no. 4
Box 9
Southern Coalition Report on Jails and Prisons vol. 6, no. 1
Box 9
The Southern Patriot vol. 33, no. 3
1975 Mar.
Box 9
The New Times vol. 6, no. 17
1986 May 1-7
Box 9
[United Nations: students and global peace movement publication]
Box 8: 10.
[U.S. out of Korea committee of Youth Against War and Fascism: booklet]
1976 Oct. 18
Box 8: 11.
"Wallace for Governor" campaign sign
Box 9
"Why Do We Kill People Who Kill People to Show That Killing is Wrong" poster
Box 9
Workers World vol. 17, no. 6
1975 Feb. 7
Box 9
Workers World vol. 17, no. 8
1975 Feb. 21
Box 9
Workers World vol. 17, no. 11
1975 Mar. 14
Box 9
Workers World vol. 17, no. 37
1975 Sept. 26
Box 9
Workers World vol. 17, no. 45
1975 Nov. 21
Box 9
Workers World vol. 18, no. 19
1976 May 7
Box 9
Workers World vol. 18, no. 39
1976 Oct. 8
Box 9
Workers World vol. 18, no. 39
1976 Oct. 8
Box 9
Workers World vol. 18, no. 42
1976 Oct. 29
Box 9
Workers World vol. 18, no. 49
1976 Dec. 17
Box 9
Workers World vol. 19, no. 3
1977 Jan. 21
Box 9
Workers World vol. 19, no. 22
1977 Jun. 3
Box 9
Workers World vol. 20, no. 8
1978 Feb. 24
Box 9
Workers World vol. 20, no. 17
1978 Apr. 28
Box 9
Workers World vol. 20, no. 18
1978 May 5
Box 9
Workers World vol. 20, no. 19
1978 May 12
Box 9
Workers World vol. 20, no. 20
1978 May 19
Box 9
Workers World vol. 20, no. 21
1978 May 26
Box 9
Workers World vol. 20, no. 22
1978 Jun. 2
Box 9
Workers World vol. 20, no. 29
1978 Jul. 21
Box 9
Workers World vol. 20, no. 41
1978 Oct. 20
Box 9
Workers World vol. 21, no. 13
1979 Mar. 30
Box 9
Workers World vol. 22, no. 46
1980 Nov. 21
Box 9
Series 5. Audio/Visual
Box: Folder
ABC news with segment on Imani
1978 Jul. 18
Box 13
Al. Senate Judiciary Comm., anti-death penalty bill
1979 Jun. 19
Compact cassette
Box 13
Alabama prisons slideshow for greater B'ham ministries: slides
Box 13: 1.
Anti-klan, prisoner solidarity, Martin Luther King marches and demonstrations: Mounted photographs with captions
Box 14
Atlanta protests, Modibo Kadalie talk: photographs, negatives
Box 13: 2.
Atmore-Holman prison, Atmore-Holman Bros and Frank Moore with lawyers, Tom Gardner and legal team: photographs, negatives
Box 13: 3.
Bill Baxley press conference, Millard Farmer in church pew: photographs
Box 13: 4.
Dessie Woods, Cheryl Todd demonstration: photographs
1977 Jan.
Box 13: 5.
Human Righst for Prisoners Day picket: negatives
1977 Jul. 18
Box 13: 6.
Imani and family, Imani and Tom Gardner: photographs
1999 Apr.- Jun.
Box 13: 7.
Imani appeal hearing in Birmingham, AL: photographs, negatives
1978 Apr.
Box 13: 8.
Imani appeal hearing in Montgomery, AL: negatives
1976 Nov.
Box 13: 9.
Imani at Atmore-Holman, Atlanta Jr. College protests: photographs, negatives
Box 13: 10.
Imani, Roch., NY protest: photographs, letter
1978 May
Box 13: 11.
Jesse David Jett, Imani and legal team: negatives
1979 Dec.
Box 13: 12.
John Spenkelink memorial service: photograph
1980 May 25
Box 13: 13.
Klan and anti-Klan protests in Decatur, AL: photographs
1978 Dec.
Box 13: 14.
Klan rally and counter-protest in Birmingham, AL: photographs, negatives
1977 Oct. 8
Box 13: 15.
March in commemoration of M.L. King: negatives
1977 Jan. 15
Box 13: 16.
March protesting death penalty in Atlanta, GA: photographs, negatives, slides
Box 13: 17.
Miscellaneous: photographs, negatives,slides
Box 13: 18.
Picket at federal courthouse for Imani: photographs, negatives
1978 Mar. 7
Box 13: 19.
Pro-labor pickets: photographs, negatives
Box 13: 20.
Reidsville prison march: photographs
1979 Aug.
Box 13: 21.
Rev. Hosca Williams, Tyrone Brooks, Gene Guerrero; Georgia Legislature; children: photographs, negatives
Box 13: 22.
Rosa Parks, Virginia Durr, Johnnie Carr, event in Montgomery, AL: photograph
Box 13: 23.
Sekou and Mafundi at Imani trial: photographs, negatives
Box 13: 24.
Steve Whitman, Alice Cooper, Clint Brown, Diana Hicks, Bill Allison, AL supreme court: photographs, negatives
Box 13: 25.
Tommy Lee Hines march in Decatur, AL; Anne Braden: photographs, negatives
Box 13: 26.
Wilmington 10, Joan Little demonstrations: photographs
Box 13: 27.
Worker's World Party talk, welfare rights organization protest, prisoner's solidarity committee and worker's world party march: negatives
Box 13: 28.

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